do you know the QQ ?

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AndyGadget6 years ago
Only quitters use QQ!
AndyGadget6 years ago
There may be a few but It's unlikely there'll be many around here using the instant messaging service Tencent QQ as it originated in and is predominantly used in China).
There are Instructablers all over the world but the main user base is US and UK.

orksecurity6 years ago
Counter-question: Why would we care about "the QQ", whatever it is?

(This would probably have been a better question for the forums, where random chat is more expected, than for Answers where the focus is on how-to and solving problems.)
NachoMahma6 years ago
. Bird is the word
pa pa ou mow mow
The lines are drawn, the orders are in,
The dance commander's ready to sin.
Radio message from HQ,
Dance commander, we love you.
Let's get this party started right, y'all.
Let's get this party started right!

More here:
Electric Six - Dance Commander
76543216 years ago
do you know your IQ?