does anyone know how to draw a good realistic turtle? =Þ

a red eared slider is the exact turtle im tryin to draw so thx

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orksecurity6 years ago
Just how I'd approach it:, but I'm a marginal sketch artist at best...

Look at other sketches and see what they chose to emphasis and how they divided space.

Draw from life, or from a photo, rather than from memory.

If you're drawing from a photo, try turning it upside down and copying it that way. That's an old trick to break habits and assumptions and get youself to draw what's actually there rather than what you expect to see.

If all else fails, consider starting by either drawing a grid over the original photo and copying onto a grid (so you're only copying a bit at a time and can't go too far wrong), or tracing. I've found that projecting onto a piece of paper and tracing that is surprisingly effective.
I'd use a pantograph.
rickharris6 years ago

From one of the best drawing sites on the web IMHO
IF you can find a picture you like the tracing is a good way to start.
iceng6 years ago
Never seen a turtle with ears and as a young camper I caught many painted and
box turtles, had a near event with a snapping turtle but no ears.

Maybe you can update an old man ??


Red-Eared Slider. So called because there's a red patch on each side of the head.  Popular pet species. Lots and lots of photos and sketches on the web, of course.

(I cared for one for a while, when I was a kid.)