how do i find the correct direction for my tv areal?

i live at hornsea in east yorkshire i have just moved there i have tried to get a good enough signal for my dgi box to work but are unsure of the correct transmitter to aim for and if u can tell me which one how do i know i am facing it

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Kiteman8 years ago
Have a look at your neighbours' roofs - point your aerial the same way as your neighbours do.
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
Rooves opinion?

Kiteman lemonie8 years ago
As hoof/hooves, but (so my English-teaching colleagues reassure me, and my UK spellchecker agrees), roofs is correct.

Isn't it a wonderful language?

(I just spell-checked this post, and the site spell-checker objected to the words hooves (suggesting hoofs) and spellchecker (for which it suggested I use spellchecker!))
For the benefit of any US residents who may be reading this question, we have a very good resource at AntennaWeb.

Perhaps the UK has something similar?
lemonie8 years ago
Your nearest transmitter would be Belmont
I make it South to SSW of Hornsea