how to design and build a solar power monitoring system?

Budget less than USD100, require a small solar panel(<100W will do), thin film type solar panel, need some voltage and current sensors, data acquistion card (which type of card shd i choose?)

i will need to monitor its output voltage, current and power, how should i start?

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Buy yourself a USB data aquisition card and plug it into your PC.

project_stress (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Wow. i saw those usb card, yes, it's within my budget, but another thing is, does these cards support any programs?

For example, i will be using Labview  to plot the signals, is these card compatible with labview program?

meanwhile i will shop around, tks for you guys advice, have a nice day,

Keep the comments coming, learning grows with the day ;)

Depends. Measurement Computing ones do. MyPCLab can output ascii over its serial port, so LabView can read it by some manipulation.  The Velleman kit ? No, again, write a quick interface between.
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  steveastrouk's USB data acq card is an excellent idea. A PCI card _might_ be a better choice. You can also get stand-alone data acq boxes with memory, but those may be outside of your budget - do some shopping.
.  Only two inputs will be needed: E and I. P can be computed (I * E). IMNSHO, some kind of ambient light strength measurement would be nice.
.  Most data acq equipment uses a small voltage or small current input signal. Many cards will accept both. Voltage levels are commonly in the 0-1,0-5,0-10VDC range and 0-20mA (4-20mA) is pretty common for current. Many other ranges are available - do some shopping.
project_stress (author)  NachoMahma7 years ago
Can i check with you, IMNSHO means In My Not So Humble Opinion ?

I will shop around meanwhile, when in doubts will ask, tks btw,