how to make a telegram?

hi, i want to build a telegram, and receive it at a friends house so that we can communicate trough morsecode!
but we cant have a km long wire going trough our homes,
so i don't really know how to build it,
i was thinking of using an old AM/FM radio that i had laying around.
can anyone help me?

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framistan4 years ago
You might consider joining a ham-radio group in your area. Ask around at any electronics shop about ham radio meetings. You don't even need to know morse code anymore to get your license! You just need to pass a pretty simple test to give you legal privelages to transmit signals. The great advantage of doing it this way is your little hobby might lead to a career in electronics or communications! Are you sure you can't see the other house from higher up on the roof? The laser beam idea would work if you can.
Jayefuu4 years ago
If you want to practice morse code, the easiest hardware (nowadays) would be to set up microphones over skype and press buzzers at each end :p
Kiteman4 years ago
If you have old AM radios, try building spark gap generators to send morse as short bursts of static.
iceng Kiteman4 years ago
Wow  ...  a broad band Tesla like signal ! :-)
Kiteman iceng4 years ago
I was thinking more "early Marconi".
I was thinking the neighbours might not like the interference!
If they've gone digital, or on cable, they might not even notice.
iceng Kiteman4 years ago
Put a spark plug into a Cantenna, aim and start sparking ►))))))) ))) )))  )))
ingkiller (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
who listens to am radio anyways these days
bwrussell4 years ago
How much firewood do you have?

You could just type ...'s and ---'s in an instant messenger or through a text. Broadcasting on FM or AM over that distance is illegal without the proper permissions and licenses.

If you have Android phones you could write an app to translate your texts into Morse code and another one to play the code through the speaker.
ingkiller (author)  bwrussell4 years ago
we both dont have a smartphone, so thats not an option
rickharris4 years ago

this is MUCH easier with a wired system but there are alternatives.

Several simple Am transmitters.
technically you should have a licence for transmitting but a low power system that uses wavelengths outside the normal broadcast bands may not attract too much attention If it does then your going to get a visit!.
is a legal answer,39234.0.html
If you can see each other then a simple laser pointer system would work.

And finally the internet is a really direct way to connect to each other - If you want to practice your morse code - and I commend you for that - then you should be able to search and find some kind of Pc code to do what you want.

for example.

i searched for Morse code Pc to PC

ingkiller (author)  rickharris4 years ago
an Xbee is an good idea, the only problem is that its quite expensive, maybe ill have to figure out something else
Can you see your friend's house from your house? If so perhaps you could use some form of visible light as your channel, like usin' lasers, or something kewl like that.

A minor point  regarding syntax:  the setup, the hardware that sends and receives the pulses, is called a "telegraph".   The message itself, the string of symbols or letters being sent or received, is called a "telegram".

I admit those are almost the same word.  I'm trying to think of a good mnemonic for that.  Perhaps:

Telegram ends in "m", like the word message.
Telegraph ends in "h", like the word hardware.
ingkiller (author)  Jack A Lopez4 years ago
thats not an option,there are buildings in the way, and the signal should be over a km long
blkhawk4 years ago
A telegram is a typed message from a telegraph office. A telegraph is the machine that sends a receives Morse code. Both, the telegraph and the telegram are mostly obsolete.