how to make a wire longer?

how do i make a wire longer?

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yokozuna7 years ago
From what I'm told, it's not about length, but rather about girth.
orksecurity7 years ago
"If you cut a piece of wire too short, you can always splice on another piece. If you cut it too long, you're stuck with it."
seandogue7 years ago
place the end in an electroplating bath. Prior to doing so, calculate the effective deposition rate, then use that information and a micro stepper to ever-so-slowly draw the wire out of the bath as it gets electroplated.

But some wire dude.
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Re-design7 years ago
Solder, weld or tie another piece to it.  If its going to carry electricity then you should insulate the joint properly.
caarntedd7 years ago
More details please.
Feed it through a rolling mill with the appropriate gauge rollers.
kelseymh7 years ago
Stretch it.  Pull it through a die.