how to place wood trim around granite counter?

I have a granite counter with curves and I want to put a wood trim around it

Re-design8 years ago
That's going to be a tough project.  One that even Norm would be hard pressed to do well.

You have to cut, trim and bend the wood to fit the curve and at the same time to make the wood match exactly the granite edge.  Any gaps will look bad.  THen you have to glue (epoxy) it and clamp it until the glue cures.

I've seen wood edges on granite but only when applied by the granite top maker and only on straight sections.

But the biggest problem that I've not mentioned is that wood moves.  In dry weather it will shrink and in wet weather it will expand.  What this means is that once glued to the immoveable granite the wood will most of the time be trying to break the bond with the glue.  It may (probably will) even end up splitting the wood over time.   Most wood furniture has unglued parts where possible so that the wood won't split or break apart.

rankins_1 (author)  Re-design8 years ago
Thank you, I think your suggestion will work for me.

Burf Re-design8 years ago
Exactly right, plus I would mention that there will be a constant maintenance issue of keeping the joint between the wood and granite sealed to keep out water, food particles and so on.
frollard Burf8 years ago
It could be a looser bond - perhaps with lag bolts that are capable of sliding in slots in the wood - they just need to be snug enough to keep the wood attached.  Standard kitchen silicone could be used to fill the 'larger' gap and would be flexible enough to deal with a few mm of give as the season changes.  Make sure the wood is well sealed, and cap off the lags with wood plugs that don't hinder the bolt's relative movement.

I hope the illustration isn't confusing...
wood on granite.PNG