i have a fingerprint reader from my dead laptop is it possible to use it with my desktop?

the dead laptop is a HP Pavillion dv3 4010sl, the sensor is a Validity VFS301 (cdk1071_r04_hf) as written on the sensor itself.

if i remember correctly it was shown as a USB peripheral.

maybe is simple and it need just some resoldering to a USB cable,

the problem is that the flat cable connecting it to the motherboard has 6 pins/lines and my knowledge in electronics is quite limited...

Does Anyone knows if is possible?

I've found online what seems like a motherboard schematics:

sensor manual

Picture of i have a fingerprint reader from my dead laptop is it possible to use it with my desktop?
CladZo91 (author) 4 years ago
Thanks to all!! following the schematics i found i tried to connect a usb cable.... at least the LED on the sensor was working else than this is too much for my skills so i guess i'll buy online one...
blkhawk4 years ago
It looks like the circuitry that interfaces with the fingerprint reader is built in with the motherboard. With your limited knowledge of electronics this project might be over your head. Many details about hardware are proprietary therefore out of reach even for an expert in electronics.
rickharris4 years ago

Amazon can help you for a lot less than you will end up paying out to try to get the laptop one working.
Re-design4 years ago
It doesn't look like a usb periferal to me. So, you'll have to build an interface for it then write software unless you can find some that's prewritten.