I has some ideas I would like to put out there so here they are
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a punk idea.. well u know how there's steam punk and cyber punk how about medipunk all medieval stuff

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Fizzxwizz8 years ago
Well I think MediPunk could have some potential but I think there could be better names for it. Like: MasonPunk or WoodPunk because those are kind of common materials of the time.
stone age= stonepunk, bronze age= bronzepunk, and iron age= ironpunk maybe? 
Those sound like good names.
Arlis8 years ago
Iron Punk or Plague Punk?
Articas (author)  Arlis7 years ago
Plague punk sounds good possible an ofshoot of steam punk based on bio weapons or a zombie apocolypse...
iPodGuy8 years ago
Good for you! Do you have any more?!