rockband 2 drums broken?

hi, my rockband drums are broken, the red pad9far right0 is totally off. i can still use them. but i would like to know how to get them to stay on. any help/

bwrussell6 years ago
Not sure what you mean by off and on. Assuming it just doesn't respond when struck.
I believe most of these, and real electronic drums, use a piezoelectric element to sense when it is struck. Open up the pad in question and see if the element has become disconnected or broken.
The piezo element is a flat round metal disk and can be replaced for fairly cheap if it is broken.
Alternatively there could be a break or short in the wire from that pad. If you can find a way to put a multimeter on the plug and then strike the pad. If it is connected and if it is a peizo element system you should see a small voltage spike.
the poodleo (author)  bwrussell6 years ago
ok but its not the sensor thats broken, its just the protective pad has fallen off.
Hot glue or epoxy it down.