which air compressor is best for household?

Toga_Dan3 months ago

What tools do you want to use with it? how patient are you if you have to slow down to let the compressor catch up?

iceng3 months ago

Home Depot sells the pancake compressor (ask when they go on sale).. And never get those tiny buzz so called compressors...

BTW most compressors come with an over pressure valve for your protection which can be annoying if you need that high pressure and vibration causes it to release air momentarily before reaching your top pressure..

But fine paint spray only needs 20 psi or less so you will never worry about that except when filling four car tires on one pump-up :-)

seandogue3 months ago

Odd question as stated...

I have a porter-cable pancake compressor that has served me well over the years. I've spied the same model in many contractor's toolsets. It's relatively lightweight, inexpensive (~$100-130) and provides sufficient air for *most things as long as I don't push it too fast. Blow off can be a bit annoying as it loses pressure too fast when using a dust-off nozzle with the pressure set high, but it's still acceptable.