9kg worth of Mini Eggs

NO MORE PATCHS! I only get so many... Free Patch Upgrade to Topic! Well, what happens when your in the Cadbury factory, and you got a fresh 10GBP note burning through your pocket.

This weekend, I purchased 9kgs worth of Cadbury's Mini Eggs - 10GBP. Original price would have been about 90GBP.

So enjoy the pictures.

I have also resized and cropped a version to be used as a desktop wallpaper!
Download Here.

I've eaten two packets worth already, I intend to take the rest and spread the wealth.

Through suggestion from Kelsey, I'm spreading the virtual wealth also!
Kelsey gets a patch! DOUBLE UPDATE I have now given out 6 patchs! Thats it! all gone! I only get 40 patchs to last me 2 years, used up nearly 8 already...

Picture of 9kg worth of Mini Eggs
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Goodhart8 years ago
Ugh, I prefer proper chocolate and not the watered down and impure milk with a little chocolate in it kind:

Around 82% cocoa -

hungry- and I just ate.
I tried the ones with hot peppers in them. Not a big fan of chili peppers in my chocolate apparently. I do love dark chocolate though. The ones I had were just chili though. No grenadine. Might I ask what the one in the top left picture is? Never had it before.
I like the chili pepper one occasionally, but it is not very hot and if food claims to be spicy, I like to know it is there ;-)

The chocolate you inquired about is made from Nacional arriba cocoa from Ecuador.

Believe me it is one of those treats one gives themselves only occasionally because of the price....online it can be found here at the Hacienda Iara Organic 82% Dark Chocolate site
Kiteman8 years ago
I have a bar of Cadbury's Fruit and Nut in my briefcase for tomorrow break time (I am re-organising next year's classes tomorrow, I expect to need chocolate by mid-morning!).
You use a briefcase?

I almost never see them any more, not to mention for teachers. There's just so little room!

It's an Ikea briefcase, and holds my planner, my EeePC and my lunch.
Do you find you have your EeePC with you most of the time now, I have been known to go downtown to a restaurant or something look in my manbag and my Eee is still in there. Proves very handy somethimes.
It's often around - it went on holiday with me and I used a McDonald's WiFi to post here - and I take it birdwatching when I'm doing surveys.

We don't have so many free hotspots around here, though.
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