Coconut Bongo.

Hey guys. Right now I'm in the middle of making a bongo from a coconut. I was going to see if anyone else has on this site before? Any advice would be appreciated. Also is there an alternative to animal skin? Right now I was testing this synthetic cloth I have, and it works okay. Just wondering if there is something synthetic that would work good, and reasonably priced.

lemonie7 years ago
Coconuts are too small for bongos, but I've found crisp (potato-chip) bags are reasonably good as synthetic skins for something of that size.

Onkei (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I saw a few things online showing drums made from coconuts. Maybe they weren't bongos, but you can make a small drum. Anyway a potato chip bag huh, how would a sun chips bag work, because they are super crinkly?
The membrane needs to be evenly stretched tightly around the top of the drum.  You can try to staple it/wide head tacks all around like upholstering a chair.  Or create some type of hoop and rim system so that it can be pulled tightly to the top.  I guess you might need a big set of coconuts or maybe cut off the bottom so the sound can come out if you weren't planning to do that.  Synthetic drum heads are made some type of polyester or mylar film.  Good luck.
Onkei (author)  caitlinsdad7 years ago
Thanks. I already have the coconut ready, sanded evenly and I have a hole in the bottom. My plan right now is to take the other half and do pretty much the same thing to it. But I think I might drill small holes around it, some number of maybe 6 or more. Then I will stick the two halves together, but the other way around from when you first get a coconut. So it makes like an hour glass shape. Then sew string around the skin, put it on, and pull the stings downward, so I can slip each one into the corresponding hole I made for it. And then I guess I will just try to tie it real tight. Also do you guys think I should try to make an ible of this, don't know if anyone would be interested or not.