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I won a prize inthe off grid contest and haven't recieved anything.  I entered my address in the link bar.
The rules say I have to fill out a form, and to either call or email support.  I called and got a meesage to email and then a beep and the call disconnected.  I emailed and got a n autoresponder about how to cancel my membership.

Needless to say I am a little confused about how to get the prize, which is sad because I was planning on doing a video review of the cool fenix kit for my website, but cannot because I just cannot seem to get it in the mail...


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The Fenix ReadySet Solar Kits found their way to hq today, woo! We're working hard to get them shipped as quickly as possible so keep an eye on your mail.
tngun (author) 5 years ago
I still have not gotten my fenix kit. it is over a month since I was told that instructables had received them. Just wondering what is up?
My prize came in the mail today. Thank you for the help, The Fenix Readyset power system is a nice unit. The led light is very bright and i tested the charger and cell phone battery charger and they work well. Can't test the solar panel (Washington State) but i'm sure it will be fine. Thanks again.
tngun (author) 5 years ago
I talked to the management at fenix on the 7th. I told him I did not want to bug them or sound ungrateful, but I was wondered about the prizes... I attached his answer

"That's a very reasonable question. Thanks for checking in.

Unfortunately, the US government added a new tax on solar from China coming into the US which greatly slowed our clearing of ReadySets coming into the US. We should be able to ship the awards to Instructables next week, they will then ship out to you.

As soon as we know more concrete dates, we'll send out an email to keep you in the loop.

Thanks so much with your patience with us.
Peter Glenn
Business Development & Sales Manager"
Another month has gone by and still no prize from Fenix, anybody have any info??
tngun (author) 5 years ago
I talked with the Fenix folks, their was some problems with customs and tarrifs, but they say its fixed and they will ship later this month...
I also won a first prize in the off grid contest and have not received the Fenix solar panel and fenix battery kit. I received the T shirt and a patch and decals from Instructables but nothing from Fenix yet.
sath025 years ago

Instructables (Robot) will send you a notice saying that
... We have just shipped your (Whatever Prize You won) ..

Then you have to wait about 10 days if you are in the US.

I just got mine just now, from Electronics Trick & Tips Contest.(

And here is what I got!
I won something in this contest too. I haven't heard anything about shipment yet,
but I suspect it will take a while.

I think the prizes are sent from fenix rather than instructables HQ, usually prizes sent from a sponsor take longer than from instructables HQ.
Kiteman5 years ago
You should email or PM the contest organiser to check things are going up plan.