Do You Enjoy Coffee?

Just wonderin'. How many of you folks enjoy drinkin' coffee?

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wearychef1 year ago

Love my coffee. Keeps me going until I can open the wine ;) As for the comments about coffee being unhealthy, there was just a study showing that coffee drinkers live longer! The sugar a lot of us add to our coffee is a different story...

emilywilson2 years ago

Yes, I do enjoy coffee very much. I drink 4x a day. I know it's bad. I think George is right, it becomes an addiction. I can't start a day without coffee. I'm looking for a healthy coffee. Is there anything like that?

GeorgeK312 years ago

I like coffee. However, I don't drink coffee in the morning. I see my parents, every morning they can't function without a cup, and I see it like an addiction. I only drink coffee when I am with friends.

Yes. I love coffee. Living in Italy it is impossible not to like coffee :-)

I don't like the taste of coffee,never have,really don't like the smell of it either! When I was in Jamaica,people said,you'll love this coffee,it's the best! I didn't care of that either.I'm sure it was great if you drink coffee,but not to me!

JustinM13 years ago

I love drinking coffee, especially on mornings. But I don't drink too often in a day knowing it would be unhealthy.

kaszel3 years ago

coffee is unhelthly

kaszel3 years ago

Nope. Coffe is unhelathly !!!!!!!!!!!

hunter9993 years ago

Nope, but I know Tarun does ;-)

coffe in the morning. love it

Mutazek3 years ago

I see so many comments saying that doesn't likes the taste of coffee... I certainly think that these people have not had the opportunity to drink the Original Colombian Coffee... Trust me.. it's the best!!

I like Coffee, prefer to drink it with milk, without sugar and cold... Refreshing and energizing :)
hunter9993 years ago

I seriously hate coffee. Its just hat taste and the stains it leaves on your teeth. Although I love tea.

Coffee is parts of my day. Just one on a day in the morning. Its will make me fresh all day. :)

Jack894 years ago
I do not like coffee, it tastes always feel weird
Abnar5 years ago
I love coffee and drink 3 cups of coffee daily. Coffee is great antioxidant and good for health as coffee reduces the risk of skin cancer, diabetes, muscle pains, hypertension, stroke and heart problems.
Goodhart5 years ago
I like a good cup of coffee, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find places that make a decent cup of regular coffee.....certainly NOT Starbucks
onrust Goodhart5 years ago
+1 NOT Starbucks
Goodhart onrust5 years ago
Can one get a "real, plain cup of coffee" from Starbucks? I tried, and the local one only had milk with a bit of coffee flavoring in it.....*shiver*
onrust Goodhart5 years ago
Honestly.......I wouldn't know. I never got my plain coffee after I was told they do not serve bagels.
Goodhart onrust5 years ago
I ordered a straight iced coffee. They asked me 3-4 times what "flavor:" I wanted in it, and I sad I just wanted a "coffee". What I got was barely coffee and mostly milk......I can buy my own milk for Way cheaper than they can sell it for....
onrust Goodhart5 years ago
You confused them. You chose the flavor of milk.......with some coffee. My situation was YEARS ago and for all I know they have bagels now. Ive been told they overcook their beans.....who cares! For me, its caffeine, black, no sugar, and the bottom of yesterdays cold pot is AWESOME :)
Goodhart onrust5 years ago
Yeah, but I asked for COFFEE. I was overly amazed that they didn't serve COFFEE at a COFFEE shop *still shaking head over it*.

I have heat sensory issues, so I just can not drink it hot, although I prefer it black, I also like it chilled actually. I keep a pitcher of it in the fridge all week (well, it lasts 2 days) to enjoy. GOOD coffee I agree needs no sugar, but the mud served in most restaurants is barely drinkable without a little sugar :-)
Moem5 years ago
Nope. I'm a hardcore tea drinker. No coffee for me, thanks!
onrust5 years ago
Black, cold, and the bottom of yesterdays pot is a BONUS. Do I love coffee? Not as much as I love caffeine :)
onlinevicky5 years ago
i like
onlinevicky5 years ago
of course, i am very like coffe!!
monsterlego5 years ago
Never tried it, i told that to my robotics team and they all looked at me like i was insane. I dunno
edward12345 years ago
I really like cofee. cofee is my life, its gives me comfort when i got some trouble.
I like hot coffee, coffee can let me more spirit, whenever I tired, always coffee make me more energetic, I fell in love with the coffee. Drank coffee every day. But I'm not a lot of drink, around and one to two cup!
blkhawk5 years ago
A moderate consumption of coffee is even a good thing. Studies were made that coffee improves significantly the mood in people that suffer from depression. It also helps people with hypotension by elevating blood pressure. Caffeine is a bronchodilator, helping people with asthma. Caffeine is also a vasodilator, which helps when we have a headache.
oh coffee is just my weakness!
can't really function without a cup every morning..
i really like coffee but switched to decaf as I'm only 15, slight case of insomnia and in general, don't need the caffeine :)
blake286 years ago
I love coffee.
I enjoy it very much! I use to drink it black, but with all those different liquid coffee creamers out there, I now drink adding creamer to it. Besides hot coffee, I also enjoy iced coffees, and make my own version of Mc Donald's Vanilla Iced Coffee, plus I make other iced coffee drinks, as well as flavored hot coffees. I have posted some of them on my blog.
wonkywomen7 years ago
sorry, COFFEE! I spelled it wrong before.............
wonkywomen7 years ago
coffe is bitter and gives me gas!!!

Flumpkins8 years ago
Coffee is bitter!
Of course!! coffee is favorite hot drink...
sounds like a poor grade of coffee to me. Made properly, a good freshly ground batch of coffee isn't bitter at all. But, if one overbrews it and it becomes a little bitter, one can always sweeten it up with a little cream, a bit of sugar, or a pinch of sodium bicarb (not too much, or it will taste salty).
Thanks for the post.
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It's Maxwell House. I put in tons of sugar... Ick
Although Maxwell House is less bitter then, say Folgers and some others, it is still not really all that fresh. Finding freshly roasted beans and grinding them yourself is the only answer, albeit a difficult one (freshness is hard to come by).
Oh.... plus, I'm only in middle school and I only know one kid who drinks coffee.
Yeah, I started the year my Dad took me deer hunting for the first time (14?) and really wished I hadn't made it a habit. Once you have to have coffee, the with drawl can be, in a word, painful (bad BAD headaches). I am glad I am no longer addicted to it, and can drink it on occasion without becoming re-addicted :-)
It's the caffiene... trust me. Because, there was a period where I was almost always drinking an energy drink.... then I stopped. OOOOUUUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHHHH
Oh yeah, I know. Other then tannin and some other trace things, that is mostly what coffee is made of (not counting the bean flavor ;-)
the way i drink it, it is sweet like hot chocolate but coffee flavor
What brand do you drink? (P.S. One time I made coffee and forgot to add creamer.... Eeeewww.. Extra bitterness)
Ikkalebob7 years ago
I love coffee. No milk, no sugar just caffene and the amzing taaste of fresh coffee
maracate8 years ago
I'm allergic to coffee.
I drink coffee all day long every day, I love it It's 10:21 and cup number four is brewing away, thankfully in the uk we have some nice options for coffee, loads of great places to get good grounds and we even have instants that taste good.
Anything in excess it probably not very good for you :-)
Surely everything in the exact same amount of excess is good for me, in which case I'm fine, and I'm not fat either so that means that my excesses balanced eachother... Yeah that does sound like a load of bull but hey at least it's not my fourth beer... Speaking of which I do agree with that on some things, drank until 8am at an all night party the other night...
:-) Yeah, I was like that 20+ years ago myself. Could down 2 or 3, 16" pizzas and ask about desert.....I was 5' 11" and 155 lbs from highschool until about my mid-thirties......then I exploded. Had I had a habit of eating properly when younger, I might not have added the 90 lb faux baby in my abdominal area LOL
yeah i have an actual problem, on a night out as an example I need to budget about £10 for food alone, it's ridiculous My metabolism annoys the hell out of me, try being able to eat four plates of food (big plates) then be hungry half an hour later... On the upside I have no fatness and am only muscle and bone... strangely I'm about 6' and about 179lbs, not that far off then... I am very active and can't stand to be too still though, also I can't do a desk job so physical labour is what I do... So mid thirties I'm either likely to explode or follow my dad, he was 53, ate nearly as much as me and did the same job (I worked for him), smoked and was quite partial to a kebab at lunch so I may go that way and just be skinny all my life, the thing I hate about this is that it highlights my odd features like shoulder horns...
On the upside I have no fatness and am only muscle and bone.

I know the feeling, I had so little fat back then, I would inflate my lungs, and try to float in water (dead man style, face down) and I would sink. *sigh*
I can float unless my lungs are half full but my chest is double the thickness of my stomach in profile lol I am not person shaped in the least, by the end of this you'll have given me a complex... My friend and I had this discussion, we're mostly the same but he has pudge he sink and I float with full lungs yet both of us sink on half lungs...
I don't want to give you a complex :-) I just mention it because "I" was kind of that way, only I was weirder LOL
Yeah I was only joking remember goodhart, all worrying things from a jackalopes mouth should be ignored (old chinese proverb) You were definitely weirder... nearly same height and 22 or so lbs lighter... We must stop starting into random topice in threads, we have quite a number of these now...
Oh I know you were joking, still....well, it is hard to explain :-)
I know humour is difficult in conversational text, better for stories etc... I hat the term 'lol' but it does its job well...
Yes, especially sarcasm and such. I made a comment somewhere when "Andromeda" was brought up, and said it would be quite the strain. Kiteman appears to be the only one to have picked up on it, even after my hint :-) Tis ok, I know others have read the book or saw the movie Andromeda Strain, but oh well :-)
Hmm I have had some strange questions asked because alot of my humour is sarcasm based, not simple stuff like calling someone 'genius' under conditions where quite the opposite is shown... Oh god even that sentence was a joke if read in a posh english accent, which I make fun of quite alot... You too make complex jokes that I usually get but thats because I can hear reading in my head as a voice... with zero accent or pitch but with tone...
:-) Even in person, I tend to get "blank stares" which many of my "jokes" just because my reference points can sometimes be "lost in space" LOL or at least way out there.
not WHICH many of my jokes, but WITH *sigh*
I actually was greatly amused by the lost in space joke there... I tend to get raised eyebrows, partly because I tell jokes with my eyebrow an awful lot, that and being a teenager I come up with, sort by inappropriateness and humour at least 3 innuendos a second... Then again the rest of the time I too am lost in space.
My wife has actually gotten rather used to my "Gary Larson" style humor :-)
I notice that people do get used to less common humour, granted some people will always need a clever joke explained for them...
And having to explain a joke brings it instant death :-) Really though, my wife actually enjoys my weird sense of long as I don't get too silly (when I slip into "Monty Python" mode, in other words)
yes that tends to be the finite point of sillyness for many... I have learned ways to explain while being funny they're mostly cruel to the one who didn't understand and patronising in many cases.
Now, don't get me wrong, she can follow a good bit of silliness if there is a story involved: she had troubles "getting" Monty Python, but she had no trouble with the hilarious John Cleese in Fawlty Towers. :-)
Ah right it's unstructured sillyness that stops her...
Yeah, without the longer term story line, she just can't "pickup on it" fast enough. Tis probably why so many females don't "get" the Three Stooges, etc.
Actually I suspect females just don't like it for reasons beyond storylines, they have feelings of a higher station when it comes to humour, almost like an insecurity, It has to be a certain 'calibre' of joke nothing too silly nothing too dry
Hmm, have you ever heard them cackling among themselves though ? LOL They can definitely be rather silly...when they want to be.
Yeah I have alot of female friends, when they're in that mood they're actually far more receptive to that humour and occasionally very witty... When they want to be
I wish I knew how to teach "witty-ness" :-) My wife could use a dose. *sigh*
It isn't taught you just need about six girls to get it to come out...


Funny enough I've heard many old men say that...
Oh thanks LOL I suppose it goes both ways though, but most guys don't do it out in public places LOL
They do, they just cross their legs...
Oops, that left turn at high speed there lost me...sorry, I am not quite awake yet LOL
It isn't taught you just need about six girls to get it to come out... all started here, I said I've heard many old men say that, taught is the keyword, used in a slightly older sense.
Ok, I just lost track of the reference point ( alright, who hid my glasses again ) :-)
That said six girls would probably make an old man go :-) as well...
That is entirely possible ;-)
i wonder is it time for a web humour instructable or one on humour, not how to be funny, how to not wreck jokes...
That would be a project and a half. Especially given the wide ranges of experiences, and locales, it would be almost impossible to be complete. But an overview might work :-)
It would also be alot of fun to write... The big question though can anyone be bothered?
Well, I would say that the one that came up with the initial idea probably would be the best one to start on it. He could send a few polls out too, to find out the kind of things that are funny to those cultures he is not familiar with, eh?
i hate it when I rope myself in to these things... I'm forcing collaboration on you then.
Well, as I have time....I have to soon get ready for work (yeah, I work a really dumb shift), and being it is nearly noon, I suppose a little breakfast is somethign I should get too :-)
You can run but you can't hide...
I don't run ;-) But I do work a lot.....
Well If I take this one on at least collaborate in a proofing capability.
I will certainly try to be as helpful as I can when I can.....I do have to go for a bit ( I literally have more time at work to post here than at home, but I don't have my "tools" at work *sigh*)
Shes not a tool! an object maybe but tools are easier to work with...
I refer to my set of tools on my desktop ;-) BBL
Well, you let me know what you might need me to do and I will try to comply within this decade (just teasing about the time there, I am sure I can help some within the year LOL )
Ah I'd give it two years before you help... I'll try and start writing this, I have no idea how to go about this...
I would suggest writing down a "succinct" theme (short description) of the goal. Then try to outline the paths or methods to that goal (outline only). From the outline, it will be tremendously easier to keep what you want to say organized.
So very textbook reply, I understand these things, I just need to get kicked off on it...
Oh, sorry *blush*

Maybe starting with a little research into multiple "types" of humor and some of the cultural influences on them?
That's my start point I've got that far in the last five minute, I think I'll do types of humour with cultural attachments, british humour is dry and sarcastic, whereas american humour is wet and silly... (in more words and less offensive.)
But the lines that divide are not so delineating. For instance, much of Monty Python's humor was silly. And when we look at the famous Mr. Bean, well :-) But it is definitely a different kind of silliness than say Steve Martin's or, from my day, Red Skelton. :-)
I was just making fun of the general stereotypes that are completely untrue, no culture sticks to one end of the humour spectrum, It's complex.
Oh, ok, sorry, miscued again :-)
No it wasn't really you so much as me, I just said it as a jest but it didn't really lend itself to it speaking of which I'll add you as a collaborator now so you can take a look at the first point, it's very topical to our conversation.
yes, that is a start (except for blaming me LOL) how do you feel about outside links, like this one here on the physiology of laughter?
I'll add links about these things if necessary, I don't know if adding a bit about the physiology or laughter is helpful or not though... It could be irrelevant to the points made but at the same time is a bit of info that applies greatly...
We can keep such things on the back burner in case we want them in there :-)
I just started reading that link, it's great the what's funny bit is great, I thought the link would mainly be about the mechanics of laughter, also the benefits of laughter are pretty cool...
Yeah, that one has a lot of information in it (what's funny, why it is not funny, etc), including several theories on the subject
Your turn, I havnt done the links yet but I've gotten the bulk of what I planned to write down, feel like adding your two cents? By which I mean ' Do it do it now get to the instructable now!' *in arnie voice* yes i will record a sound clip of that.
It is late, sorry I wasn't back before now.....I will when I can, let me find some time, read what you have and see if there is anything to add / embellish ;-)
Alright, it's actually quite a tiresome subject overall, well whenever you get a chance, I'll be on alot today/tomorrow as i'm doing a couple of projects at the minute, day off work.
Guys, how far will this comment reply session going to last?!?!?!
You do realize that you answered a post that was made on Feb 24, 2008.
Whoops! Sorry.
no problem, just wanted you to know :-)
Labot20019 years ago
Here's a good story:

I once spent the night at an uncle's house, and I was always used to making coffee in the morning for my parents, so I brewed up some coffee for him. When it was done, I asked him how he'd like me to fix it.

He said, "Mark, if there's one thing you should know about me, it's this: I like my coffee the way I like my women: fresh, hot, and black."


Bran Labot20019 years ago
Reminds me of the movie Airplane!

Seen it?
Labot2001 Bran9 years ago
no :[
Really? You havn't? You really need to see it. It's hilarious.
i like my coffee like i like my women, black and ground up in my freezer
Lemon-Duck9 years ago
Nope I tried it before I thought it was real bitter.
Plasmana9 years ago
I don't enjoy coffee...
Juklop (author) 9 years ago
I still don't recall making this thread.
Are you sure it was coffee you were drinking? *wink*
We are a coffee drinking household that roasts our own beans. I would highly suggest trying cold brew for those that haven't before. Especially if you are on the line about coffee. Cold brew is amazing. You can make cold drinks with it or add hot water to make a good cup of hot coffee. Its great for when you are in a rush and need to run out the door.
canida9 years ago
Coffee? Blergh. If only it tasted as good as it smells...
Noodle93 canida9 years ago
Start off with milky, weaker drinks like lattes or most iced coffees. I semi like hot coffee, but iced is the way for me. Any season, despite it not even getting below 5Celcius here.
It is funny, in my section of the country, iced didn't really catch on, so it is hard for me to find commercially....I have to make my own, but I don't make it weak by any means :-)
Silly silly robot! Why did you send me an email about this! Strange.
Yeah, just get a few spoons of the instant stuff, add some milk and ice and your pretty much done. I have one everyday.
I brew my own, strong...then let it cool, and if I want to...some ice too. :-)
Patrik canida9 years ago
Heh - same here. I do like sitting in coffee shops and drinking a nice Earl Grey...
caitlinsdad9 years ago
I have retired my electric coffee maker in favor of a "French" press. It makes a darn fine cup of coffee. Would anyone in the UK admit to using one like we Americans once frowned upon "French fries"? I do enjoy a spot of tea otherwise. Here on the East Coast, diners are legendary for their endless cup of coffee and surveys have declared McDonald's brew better than Dunkin or Starbucks...and cheaper.
I just realised you meant a cafetiere, they are probably the easiest way of making coffee with control, you can change the brew strength and flovour by changing the water temp you put in or leaving it longer or shorter to brew, six minutes is considered the standard time but it makes it a little weak for me. How about you? I have a crazy stove top bolier percolator thing aswell as those which I worried about blowing up, it did, in spectacular fashion, it still works, the water boiled completely and detonated somehow, causing coffee to fly everywhere...
I have the all-stainless steel Bodum model because I didn't like the pyrex glass exploding if it did. I like coffee strong but not espresso strong so I just put in an extra scoop of coffee grinds. Besides, I can't seem to hold those espresso cups comfortably while sticking my pinkie out.
I hold them like they're an orb, I have odd finger movements though... That sounds cool but how on earth do you tell how full it is... Without turning it to look at the guage you're probably going to mention... We also have a gorgeous red kenwood retro coffee and espresso machine, it's so cool, If I bought a 50's cadillac noone would ask why I put one of them in the centre console... Or maybe christine does coffee, that may style better...
WARNING Don't over do it on caffeine, I drank 6 cups of coffee and took 2 no doz this morning and I'm all shaky and sweaty, bad idea. just thought I'd share
I just have a very high tolerance for caffiene, but when both caffiene or alcohol get involved I become quite loopy... Then again ~20 cups of coffee a day...
stimulants and depressants....not a good idea.....I always wondered about the cold medicines that combine decongestants, and antihistamines.....they work against each other, for one thing, and the one is a stimulant and the other makes you sleepy (respectively). *shrug*
Alcohol may be a depressant but it's main physiological effects seem to be more in line with a stimulant, blood pressure heartbeat etc. Also it's a kind of cancel out thing, not great for you but the whole legend of your heart going crazy is a lie...
Alcohol, without any outside stimuli will slow the heart rate. However, many people have their inhibitions lowered by alcohol also, so they have an increase in their heart rate (not as much as if they had the same inhibitions removed without the substance however). Nevertheless, the outside influences of the environment will greatly affect how one responds to the drug.
A person's general makeup will also have a great deal to do with how they react, not to mention frequency of use or abuse.

Also it's a kind of cancel out thing, not great for you but the whole legend of your heart going crazy is a lie...

Your heart is not the only problem with the mix, it is the entire central nervous system, which is being taxed by being torn in several direction. Later in life, a person could end up with Parkinson's or any number of problems (including an enlarged heart).
Oh I thought you were pointing specifically at the boost and vodka tale...

Ah right, that's quite interesting, I must try this, usually after a good night out I'll go to bed pounding hearted but outside stimuli, if I sat at home or had one drink before bed the effect may be of that nature... Just attempting to get this in a practical sense.

Well, the enlarged heart scares me a little, enough to maybe cut down on overlapping the two, my heart is quite an oddity, despite having an inporpotionately big chest cavity at idle my heart lifts my chest up with each beat and has been clocked at 220bpm, doc says it's fine even if a little slow at rest as i the ba-bump is like ba----bump.

Thanks goodhart one more thing I'll get drunken paranoia about... along with possible hulk like fence wrecking which I don't remember...
mmmmm alcohol. alcohol and coffee. good combo.
No unless it's an irish coffee or a russian coffee no... However in the middle of a night at the bar a coffee is a nice treat... I meant more like boost and vodka type things, or buckfast loads of caffiene and loads of alcohol, means drunken hyperactivity, and general randyness...
usually if im found with a bottle of booze in one hand, there's either a cigarette or a coffee in the other
Yep sounds about right, I have officially mastered the trick of holding four pints, a cigarette and a conversation at once...
Not just shakes, it can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels, especially as you get older *whistles softly*
Labot20019 years ago

COFFEE! w00t!

We drink the stuff A LOT. Mom and Dad must drink about 6 cups a day each, I don't drink near as much but I love it just the same. A true American tradition, drinking coffee. I prefer mine with vanilla caramel cream. Tis most delicious.



coffee with no cream or sugar is the best. and starbucks sucks, who wants to pay 5 bucks for coffee?
ditch the price factor, and you gotta admit, thats good coffee :]
Bran Labot20019 years ago
I've had a cappuccino at Starbucks (with an emphasis on the bucks) one time - I found it as good or slightly worse than our local gas station ones. But, then, our local gas station has some excellent cappuccino (English Toffee FTW!).
Goodhart Bran9 years ago
Hazelnut is good too :-)
We have some local restaurants that can make some really good coffee and it is closer to $1 -2.50 for a "bottomless" cup.
Ay, we have an EXCELLENT coffee joint up the street that's affordable and better tasting than Starbucks.
the coffee is great, but the price is high, starbucks is tryin to be "hip" but they aim for the rich, and i for one do not like that
iman9 years ago
Coffee and tea are great.
starbucks = a tall triple (or quadruple ) shot vanilla latte :)
home = Iced black coffee, iced chai tea with milk, or sweetened rose tea.
Kiteman9 years ago
I certainly do, and I guess most other readers do as well.

I mean, they're Americans...

Runs for cover, braced for jokes about tea.
Ugh! No offence, but I hate tea! And I made a mistake by moving to the South - they ALL drink tea here! It's disgusting! =K
iman Labot20019 years ago
lol my grandmother makes tea blacker than coffee and as thick as honey :P
I know. I live in the South too, and can't stand the stuff. All there is is sweet tea... And it's horrible. At least some of the other teas I can drink if I have to.
Bran its a lion9 years ago
To us, there is no tea but sweet tea. Where 'bouts in the South, anyway?
its a lion Bran9 years ago
North Carolina. I don't think I'm as deep as you. Georgia? Just taking a guess, and trying to remember correctly. But yeah, I know there isn't any other tea than sweet tea here. Thats why I brought it up in the above post.
Bran its a lion9 years ago
I've been through the Carolina's - y'all got some good beaches. Yup, born and raised in Augusta, Georgia - home of the Masters (which hardly any locals give a crap about).
I'm in Georgia, and sweet tea is all they ever drink here. I've tried many different kinds of tea, but I just don't care for any of it, really. I'd stick to my coffee.
Bran Labot20019 years ago
Not as disgusting as unsweet tea is to us. ;-D
Most bad experiences with tea begin with bad tea to start with, and normally Black Pekoe. I enjoy a wide variety of teas, one at work is called Raspberry Spark, and it is simply delicious (I drink a cup after my coffee ;-)
How could you joke about tea? I love it. Any type, green, black, chai (yes, I know chai is black tea with spices), herbal, anything. Preferrably green though.
How could you forget sweet tea?!
I don't like sweet tea. Too sweet for me. I prefer my tea strong, and without sweeteners.
Tea is great, lots of great benefits to it too. But if I need a "whack up side the head" with caffeine, I tend to overbrew a few cups of coffee until it is darker than the far side of the moon. :-)
resist urge to ask about crumpets
crumpets are AWESOME!!!
Correction: Crumpet is awesome.

That's a lot funnier if you're British
Ha! I saw that movie!
thats why i dont get it
Hint: crumpet = tottie
Gonna sound stupid here: What's a tottie?

Traditional Scottish Whisky Tottie
Well Matured Scotch Whisky - (2 fl oz)
Boiling water
Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon
Sugar or Honey - 2-3 teaspoons
In a mug, dissolve sugar or honey in 1/2 cup boiling water. Pour in 1 -2 shots of whisky, add lemon juice and stir.
that sounds terrible. warm lemon flavored whiskey? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww
If I remember correctly, tottie in this sense is like "tonic" or medicine :-)
Do you understand "eye candy"?
resists urge to ask about square lumps of sugar
I think you'll find they're cubes...
whatever. they are weird. but fun to drop into shirly temples.
I had to go look up what that was. Sounds good. I know nothing about mixed drink, alcoholic or not. :P
you didnt know what that was until now??
no offense, but i believe its what they call a chick drink
I don't drink, really. I only recently had my first mixed drink. It's just not something I ever learned about because I never thought it was interesting enough to read about. :P
Then you "must" try a "Virgin Bloody Mary" ;-)
It's not a chick drink. It's manly.
sadly, its classed as a chick drink. i agree, is not.
Does that not defeat the object of a Shirley Temple?
shrug. it tasts good. btw: 16 shirly temples will only aggravate a headach. learned that from experience.
I believe Russians drink their tea through a sugar lump - holding the lump between their teeth.


That sound you hear is the gentle pitter-patter of thousands of Russian teeth falling out
I lurve eating them.
zieak9 years ago
mmmm coffee, one thermos full on my walk to school, a free refill courtesy of the nicest lunch lady alive, another thermos before school starts, 1 and 2 period, another refill at break and i drink that one during period 3, then i go to period 4 with no coffee, one or two more thermos fulls at lunch (after the coffee has ben sitting in that big metal percolator all day so it's cold and super strong) then i'll drink it at home cause we usually have pots brewing till about 8 pm
Goodhart9 years ago
Normally (and believe me, this is hardly normal), I brew 10-12 cups in the drip machine, drink one cup with a little sugar in it (slowly). But because "hot" coffee is too harsh on my sensitive palette, the rest of the pot is not partaken of until it cools down. I am a great lover of iced coffee. :-) but it is hard to find in my never caught on in the shops or vending machines.
I roast it, brew it, and drink it. Although I haven't roasted any in a while... I ought to do that sometime. eh?

And I drink it black. =)

Firebert0109 years ago
I have this nifty little machine that makes individual cups of coffee. I use it regularly, usually every day. I equally love tea, as it is easier in my opinion to drink casually. Earl Grey anyone?
Earl Grey!
Juklop (author) 9 years ago
That's funny- I don't remember even making this thread
Doctor What9 years ago
I used to, about a month ago. I used to go to school in the morning and order one up, but I tried to hold back, since caffeine can have some negative effects.
ll.139 years ago
I don't know if I like it or not, I think addicted would sound better, but then I went for around 1.5 weeks without coffee, I think I survived :)

2-3 cups a day, ground coffee beans
I like the smell more than I do the taste.
I don't like coffee
Goodhart9 years ago
Well, I have heard the rants about American coffee now, and have to say that not much of it is grown in the states, nor even roasted or cured here. We do seem to get the "left-overs" from everyone else though, unless we "pay through the nose" for it (which just happens to be very unsanitary too ;-) . I like decent coffee, brewed properly (my brother in law makes it so weak you barely can tell if it is coffee or tea ;-) The only flavored coffee I like it Hazelnut. Now that we have (again) mentioned tea, I like the stuff with a bit of a kick to it; Oolong, or Morning Thunder, Lapsang Souchong, Hong Mao Feng, and Darjeeling. But my favorite tea is Jasmine (oh and it smells so very good brewing too).
matseng9 years ago
Coffee? Yes please. I prefer Doppio (Double espressos) or a really nice Turkish coffee with no sugar (a strong boiled coffee with a taste of cardamom poured in a small cup where dregs settle) A plain copy of coffee is nice too, but I want some strength in it and not the brown water that's called coffee in USA. I absolutely hate sugar in my coffees, but strangely enough I like to take alternate sips of coffee and Diet Pepsi/Coke..... I really don't understand it myself.
matseng matseng9 years ago
Whet did I just say?? A "A plain COPY"??? It's probably easier to drink from a CUP :-)
Kiteman matseng9 years ago
matseng Kiteman9 years ago
I'd say that American coffee is just a copy of real coffee, so I suppose that it's a copy of a cup. ;-)
portrait or legal? lol
whatsisface9 years ago
I like coffee, especially cappuccino. However I do drink about 4 brews a day, I just find it's easier to drink than coffee is.
Brennn109 years ago
I went to Dunkin' Donuts this morning. We go once a month as a treat, because it is not incredibly healthy...also I have two parents which are doctors, so I am usually limited to the junk I eat.
tekaka9 years ago
Yes we do! Preferably made 2 hours ago in the cafetera, and now nice and cold, into a big mug, fat milk to make it lightbrown, and no hurry to drink it. Having it there is a consolation in itself.
tech-king9 years ago
im more of a tea guy.
I prefer tea more. Coffee tends to upset my stomach in large amounts.
Same here, I really enjoy the tea from TeaVana.
We used to have one of those in the mall near my apartment but it went out of business. :( I was there probably everyday I worked, but then it was replaced by a Starbucks.
ry259209 years ago
I do occationally. (3 times a year). I don't immediatly like it, but i don't mind drinking it
Brennn109 years ago
I love coffee. My mom calls me an old man because I love drinking coffee. I want to take a trip to Latin America and drink all their coffee.