Eric's Awesome Office

Thanks to the Robot Art Contest Winners my previously boring office is now awesome!

Everyone who comes in is literally taken aback at all the robots, each of them ready to back me up in any tough decisions.

Check it out! Come visit, and bring more art!

Picture of Eric's Awesome Office
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kelseymh8 years ago
Methinks these pictures need to be updated!
bumpus8 years ago
I like the batman one!
Haha, I just now read this - that one's mine. >Glows with pride<
omnibot8 years ago
Looking great but you need a bigger office, freshen up the furniture and get a plant of some sort in there. Srsly, mate, it looks like a teenager lives there.
teenager? more like a robot or several to be more accurate
canida omnibot8 years ago
There's a plant on my desk, which is closer to the window. ;)
very cool, nice design!!!
I see Robot and Hercules got there! Yay! Did the plushie make it?
Yes, but he's hanging out in the main area for everyone to enjoy.
Great, But you forgot to show us the expression on Instructables Robot tin face when he saw them all.
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