Favorite Sport/Team

What is your Favorite Sport, and your favorite team?

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Three sports and three teams for me:

Rugby (Union) and Wales!
Formula One and the McLaren F1 team.
Football (soccer) and Manchester United.

xuanle1 month ago

I like all kinds of sports, but I live and die with the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League.

My favorite sport is Basketball and I am a fan of Golden States Warriors.

JulenS11 month ago


Msitets2 months ago

My favorite sport in Football and my favorite team is Real Madrid.

solutodo4 years ago
My favorite sport is soccer, and my favourite team is Real Madrid.

smitty164 years ago
Cleveland Indians
elton294 years ago
Basket ball and LA LAKES.
themoose645 years ago
packers brewers blackhawks
nascar racing and michael waltrip
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