Firefox Download Day!

Download Day!!
So, everyone. Many will agree that Firefox is the BEST web browser In the world.
So now we can show our support by "pledging" to download FX3, when it comes out in June.
Here is the site:
Download Day 2008
Mozilla is also trying to set a world record for most FX downloads in one day.
Incase you can't wait for the release, Firefox 3.0 Release Candidate 1 is available for download Here
What do you guys think?

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whatsisface8 years ago
I already use 3 beta 5.
Question (since I am using it also here at home), do you have a "go back" arrow anywhere? That missing icon normally beside the "refresh" icon near the top. I have to open History every time I want to go back a page....it is darned annoying.
I do, the back and forward buttons are both one button, of sorts.
If you still can't find it then use backspace or right click>Back
For some reason it really was not there anywhere, BUT I was able to ADD it from the list in the Options menu; go figure eh?
I know a number of things work, but it just irritates me that mine are absent for some reason....I can click on History and then back, or CTRL bkspace
CameronSS8 years ago
Errr...Why would we need to pledge? Unlike Microsoft, Mozilla products don't get worse when they upgrade, so it would make sense to upgrade. I'd download the beta, but I don't like the list of known bugs.

Ah, heck with it. Download!
cool! (author)  CameronSS8 years ago
I guess it is sort of a "team spirit" thing. Oh, and don't worry about bugs. I'v been using the betas and RCs for months, and not a single crash. BTW the default theme is totally awesome!
CameronSS cool!8 years ago
Yeah, I like it, but none of my add-ons work with it.
Yeah, that is always the problem at first until they upgrade the extensions.....I have mine looking for extension/add on upgrades with each browser start, and during extended use.
cool! (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
This add on might help you, but you have to be careful. With one click, it will activate all add ons that say they wont work.
PS be really careful and dont try it with really old add ons. If something goes wrong, things will crash etc.
Goodhart cool!8 years ago
I have mine set to detect what can and can not run, so when I installed the V.3 beta FF, it stopped nearly all my extensions.....a few are back though, as some of the developers are really on their toes :-)
The new beta isn't bad it's fast and pretty bug free already, no serious problems at all so far, couple of thigns with 'ibles that may be to do with site changes since they were the same on FF2. The memory usage is tiny compared to the old one and non existent compared to IE
Do you have a Back page arrow on your V.3 ? I can't find one in th beta, and I can't find a way to add it.
It's up under the file, edit etc. toolbar, right lcik and make sure navigation toolbar is on...
The navigation bar is on, still not back arrow.
Very strange, do you have the reload button?
Yeah, and I found it, it was hidden in OPTIONS......I had to add the darned thing....*shrug*
I didn't how odd...
Well, I have an odd system, riddled with 12 gig of tools and stuff LOL it is a wonder anything works at all :-)
I understand, I don't need any password protections on my computer, it's the same as the old forklift, Noone but me can use it because I broke it in a very specific manner...
Mine is more like a very messy room, come in and if you don't know where the light switch is, you could die tripping over something LOL
I consider mine like the forklift because if you felt the urge to shift gears without looking you'd likely put your hand in the firing line of the alternator of ditributors.. My computer well... Zap and bang are heard often....
Thanks, when I am signed back in as "me", I will have to look for it...
That is, when I get home, oh wait, I will be going to bed right away, have to get up after about 5 hours of sleep and have that CATH done *sigh* Hopefully I can remember until Sat.
Well the comments will stay and if you wonder again you're likely to make teh connection and I can repeat on command...
I tend to lose things in here in all the shuffle and activity, as they scroll off the page.
Hmm I'm not sure if the time based comments help or not, I havn't decided, on the upside you can see conversations go on...
they would like to get into the Guinness Book of world records for the most downloads in a 24 hour period.......expect major delays, your mileage may vary :-)
Well, what about torrents? There'd be a ton! But would that count as a "download"?
Just Pledge!
That stuff does wonders for wooden surfaces!
That it does, my good friend. I especially love the lemony scent.
which reminds me, has anyone heard anything from Lemony lately ?
I haven't seen him around.
I haven't a clue :-)
cool! (author) 8 years ago
Here is something interesting... While waiting for a train to come back from new haven, I saw a guy with a firefox laptop bag. I asked him if he knew about download day, and he said yeah, and then we got in a long conversation about the awesomeness of firefox and about fx 3 rc1 and about linux and a bunch of other stuff. it was cool, no pun intended. :D
KentsOkay8 years ago
I have pledged!


Brennn108 years ago
I can't wait! Firefox is so darn awesome.
xACIDITYx8 years ago
Pledged! I saw some countries with only 2 pledgers. I'd love to meet those people!
guyfrom7up8 years ago
that's a pretty smexy fox