Geek-Protection Stickers? Call for design suggestions!

So, Star's in jail in Boston for forgetting she was wearing some electronics.

I sent this to Xeni Jardin, and she added it to the BoingBoing story:

Star was an intern at Squid Labs this summer, and is an all-around awesome geek who loves to build things. FYI, friends at MIT say she wears the hoodie on a regular basis- it's just unfortunate that she had it on while trying to pick a friend up at the airport.
MIT students don't really do mornings, or worry about what they're wearing, so I can't imagine she'd even think about her clothes before heading out to pick up a friend at the airport before 8am.

When Star gets out we'll have her do an Instructable on 1) how to get arrested at the airport without being shot, and 2) how to package your homemade electronics to look purchased.

Maybe BB and Instructables should start handing out some official-looking stickers and plastic covers to make breadboards look more commercial- it will keep our readers away from automatic weapons.

I just got email back from Xeni saying, "Let's do those stickers!"

Question: what should the stickers look like? What should they say? Make some suggestions, or submit some designs here, and we'll print them up!

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wee_man8 years ago
To be honest if i was a terrorist(Im not). I wouldn't want to to walk into a airport with a bomb attached to my chest with blinking LEDS. The reason why all these non-electronics peoples are freaking out is MOVIE'S think about it when ever you see a bomb in the movie s its always constantly ticking accompanied with a LED light show.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Randy's sticker is hilarious... I'm going off the iGeek idea - coming up with slogans to go along with it, varying from corporate bland to mildly amusing to things that strike a good feeling tone. I also went with the recognizable intel swirl as I think if there's a recognized brand, it won't get a a second glance... Here's a dump of them... Slogans for easier reading Made in China handmade electronics for demanding consumers life saving technology mass production on a small scale an educated technician is our best technician (a variation of the syms slogan) making technology work warranty void if seal is tampered macgyver is our copilot designed and assembled by you feel free to add anything to that list :) I think bland is best in this case.
damn, forgot to click upload before submit :p
An educated technician makes the best security guard

probably make someone mad though....
canida (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
However, I'd replace "warranty void if seal is tampered" with "warranty void if seal is intact".
canida (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
VIRON10 years ago
Specific Example (I think) of a reasonable sticker:

o o o
Sensitive Instrument - Please Inspect Manually
(Basic Technical Inspection Training Necessary)
Meets Specifications for Safe Use on Aircraft

Reasonable inspection of the unit would be
verifying that it operates as labeled,
and if it is built in a transparent case,
it passes if it obviously contains no contraband.
Goodhart VIRON10 years ago
(Basic Technical Inspection Training Necessary)

Translation: An LED is not a bomb, it can't be made into a bomb, it can't even be used to ignite anything. :-)
randofo10 years ago
I think the stickers should be about the size of a breadboard and look roughly like an iPhone. Who would shoot someone wearing an iPhone? Then again, if the iPhone had wires sticking out of it, then I suppose someone might... How about something designed after safe-luggage stickers....
randofo randofo10 years ago
Oh... I just thought of it... I'm gonna replace HOMELAND with HOMEMADE or HOMESPUN
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