Get well soon sistergldnhair!

After reading a very touching series of forum posts from sistergldnhair's friends and family, we were sorry to hear that this young author had to undergo some brain surgery. The procedure was successful, and we here at the Instructables HQ wanted to send our well wishes with a few gifts and a signed card. 

Please take a minute to read through these posts, and leave your get-well-soon's in the comments below.

PLEASE send sistergldnhair a get well message

A Thank You to One Very Thoughtful Little Girl

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Thank you everyone for caring about me. I am much better now. There is a funny story. The day after my surgery there was a rumor at school that I had busted open my stiches and I was bleeding all over and had to go life flight back to the hospital. All my classmates were freaked out. I do tend to have accidents so it sounds like me, but it all wasn't true.

I had to have a piece of the artery removed from my head and so they wouldn't let me just go home. I have never been on a helicopter and the stiches were on the inside and my forehead was closed up with strong tape.

I'm much better now. I still can't feel the top of my head and I have to wear hats for a year. My eyebrows are crooked and I don't mind. I got bangs now. I had what is called an AVM. It can happen anywhere in your body but mine was in my head. The artery grows weird and can rupture and you can have a stroke. It's gone now and I hope it doesn't come back.

Also if you ever have to have an MRI make sure to go to the bathroom first. The nurses don't like to stop.

Thank you again. SisterGldnHair.
themoose645 years ago
Al would be proud of you sistergldnhair. ;)
bennelson5 years ago
Get well soon!

I recently broke my ankle (in two places) test-piloting my latest project! Ow!
My wife had 13 brain surgeries way back when she was in grade-school, and she's turned out just fine!

We know what it's like to go through some of these things.

Just get better!

-Best Wishes

Ben Nelson & Family
holy cow 13!!! your wife is amazing!!!
Puzzledd5 years ago
Great to hear you're doing well- take care!
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I know im a little late, but i hope your recovery stays steady and fast coming!! My wife and i have a 3y/o (in 2 months) son and a near 1y/o (in 1 month) daughter and we could never imagine anything happening to them so drastically as it has you. We feel terrible that you have to go through this kind of horrendously invasive procedure. you are in our prayers!

Get even better soon!!!

SokamiWohali (SoaringEagle)
GeekFilter5 years ago
I've been in the hospital more times than I care to remember and I know it's no fun! Wishing you a speedy recovery sistergldnhair! You'll be back to making carboard flip-flops in no time!
I hope I never have to go back. I'm much better now. Thanks.
Great news! Take care :)
Ez-Kabob5 years ago
I'm so glad to hear you feel better! I hope you feel even MORE fantastic soon!
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