Grammatically incorrect!

Hello Instructable community/team-

I recently recieved a email message saying that a user has subscribed to me...


Member (xxxx) has subscribed to you! Visit their member page here: (link)"

With the key word being their. It should be his/her.

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Kiteman7 years ago
The non-gender-specific usage of their is correct in this instance.

With the number of grammar-Nazis that frequent this site, the administrators hardly dare be anything other than sticklers for accuracy ;-)
Padlock (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
You are correct in the fact that their is not gender specific. It also refers to more than one person, or which there is only one. That means the correct expression would be he/she
Padlock (author)  Padlock7 years ago
or his/her
Padlock (author)  Padlock7 years ago
strike that, just his/her in this case.
Kiteman Padlock7 years ago
Sorry, "their" is correct. Check with your English teacher if you want.
Check with your English teacher if you want.

Or with your American teacher, to be politically correct!
Or, your teacher of American English, to be pedantically correct.
fwjs28 Kiteman7 years ago
or your language arts teacher
Padlock (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I have... She's the one who brought up the entire issue (at school) of using their and her/his. Which is why I spotted it.
Kiteman Padlock7 years ago
Please tell your teacher of English that a teacher who is English says that she has made a mistake - the use of the "his/her" duality is made when offering a choice wherein the gender of the subject is, ultimately, contextually significant and known.

Generally, "his/her" is used when filling in forms, but "their" is used when speaking about an individual whose gender is unknown.
Padlock (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I disagree. Regardless of "filling in forms" or speech, one should always follow the general rule of agreement in number AND gender. Besides, if nothing else, following correct grammar.
Kiteman Padlock7 years ago
"Their" is usually considered plural neuter, but can also be used as singular neuter. That's correct grammar.

If your teacher of English isn't aware of that, ask them* why.

*Oh, look, a normally-plural pronoun beimg used in the singular!
forget no child left behind we need something for these teachers :0 ! their can be singular and plural
gmjhowe Kiteman7 years ago
Indeed, Kiteman is correct.
Goodhart7 years ago
*chuckle* which side of the fence has the greener hay, again?
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago