Hamster help?

Ok, so I went to take my hamster out of his cage, after 3 days of rest. When I lifted him up, he turned his head. On his left eye was a big black thing covering his eye socket. I thought it was bedding, or food stuck in it. So, I take him to petsmart. They DO NOT WORK ON RODENTS. Are you kidding me, I bought him here. So we get home, and I take him out of his ball. I notice the black stuff is gone. It was his eye. Oh my god. It was so gross. What should I do after I clean it.

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Atomman8 years ago
Well, dogs survive without an eye, and, sometimes with no eyes at all.
mg0930mg (author)  Atomman8 years ago
My hamster dies almost five months ago... :(
Kiteman8 years ago
Eww, bump.
mg0930mg (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
HEY! Not eww. What if you lost an eye. Eww! Kiteman has one eye. Eww!!! haha.
n8man mg0930mg8 years ago
Ohhh, can I have the one he lost? *prepares mount to place it on*
mg0930mg (author)  n8man8 years ago
Lol Yeah!
Mothys8 years ago
poor little guy i wonder what would happen if my hamster lost an eye. T_T'
mg0930mg (author)  Mothys8 years ago
He's okay. He is fine with it right now.
Mothys mg0930mg8 years ago
Oh good to know. = )
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