Help! mouse is being stupid!

HELP! My mouse has a clicking problem. In that; whenever i try to click, it doesn't work, and i find myself having to click multiple times with some force in order to get a result, but it's not consistent. Sometimes, it works straight off, and sometimes it takes upwards of 20 clicks, in order to get my computer to do anything. The problem's also isolated to only the left button, the right one's fine. I reckon it's just dirt or something in the mouse, but it's really inconvenient. Any ideas on what i can do to fix it? can i fix it? To give you something pretty to look at, here's a brass cog: Thanks for all the replies. I've just had the case off, and cleaned the rollers. I looked at the switch and there was no dirt packed around it. I clicked the switch without the case on and it still didn't work, which leads me to believe that it's actually the switch that's damaged, and therefore it's not worth trying to fix.

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altaria19939 years ago
just take off the screws, and take off the cover, be sure to not lose any parts, or you will regret this. but then just use pliers to remove the big balls of cluttered dust, and q tips to remove the rest, worked for me when i had similar roblems :)
KentsOkay10 years ago
Hey man long time no see..
Is your mouse wireless? If so chuck it out the window and a buy a new one.
Make a clear path between the mouse and the receiver, and reduce EM interference in the general area.

If wired... chuck out window.
Have you had bad experiences with them? I've got a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. I use it daily...the keyboard batteries get replaced maybe once a year, and the mouse once every four months or so..maybe less often. And it's only when the batteries get low that connection gets iffy. I love them.
Yup, real bad experience with them. But they are crap ones from Wal-Mart *shudders* what madness drove me there....
If you buy a new one GET WIRED
Vendigroth (author)  KentsOkay10 years ago
Nice avatar _
AND: I'm going to get a new one, obv (wired, too. I CBA replacing batteries every day)
As for this old one, i think i'm going to smash it, or stuff it with thermite and turn it into a slaggy heap of charred, smoking plastic.
LOL, whatsisface did my avatar.
If you like skeet..........PULL ! LOL
Vendigroth (author)  Goodhart10 years ago
Here, have some LOLwhat.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
I'd open it up (put down the crowbar, there's screws underneith the pads on the bottom) and see what's up with the switch. It could be broken, have a bad connection to the board, or the plastic isn't hitting it right.
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