Help:wiring a SPST rocker switch

I need help. how do i attach a SPST mini rocker switch. it has three things( i dont know the word) coming from the bottom. one is line, the other is load and the last is neutral. 16A 125V AC ON-OFF Illuminated can i connect this to a DC 12V 2.6W computer fan with a red wire and a black wire running from the fan? how would i connect the power source(a 9V battery) to the fan while having the switch connected to turn it on and off? thank you sooooooooo much for any help

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ledzep567 (author) 10 years ago
let me try to explain my setup further. there are 2 wires running from the fan to their appropriate terminals on a 9V battery. then i have a 9V battery clip attached over the wires, therefor attaching the wires to the battery. the thing i dont know is, what wire(from the clip) go to what terminals(on the switch)
. Just restating what TUA said: . Wire it up, without the switch, so it turns the proper direction. . Take either clip from the battery (I'd use the red wire or positive battery terminal, but it doesn't matter) and place it on either the line or load terminal (you're not using the light, so it doesn't really matter which terminal you use; convention says use line). Run a wire from the other switch terminal to the battery post that you removed the clip from. . . PS: the neutral terminal will be "hot" (when depends on how you wire it up), so I'd insulate/isolate it.
ledzep567 (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
lol its still not working..... is there something i need to control the way the fan rotates? ive been letting it rotate whichever way it wanted.
. Swap the wires at the battery and the direction may change.
ledzep567 (author)  NachoMahma10 years ago
ok the fan had this blue wire and it was the ground so i cut it off about an inch from the fan. I did this before i had any intentions of runing a switch lol, in fact my only reason for running a switch is to learn the rudiments of this before i try to make a ipod compatible speaker set. so if i extended that blue wire and ran it to the neutral on the switch and used the clip wires on the other 2 terminals it should work right?
NachoMahma already mentioned it, "The neutral is for the light" - this is almost certainly a neon and will not light up with 12 V. Therefore, ignore the neutral connection and use the other two. You need to wire the switch in series with the fan: Cheers, Pat. Pending
ledzep567 (author)  Patrick Pending10 years ago
ok, i wired like all of you said to and it still didnt work. well, the fan worked but the switch didnt turn it on or off. maybe the light has to be connected or else it wont work? or maybe its because its an interrupter and it isnt between the power source and fan... i didnt know interrupter had 2 R's!!!!(spellcheck...)
. Then you're either wiring it wrong or the switch is bad. Use an ohmmeter to check the switch and maybe this will help:
  |----------/    -------|  |        Line  Load    | ---                     |  -                      |  |                      |  |-----------Fan--------|
Black wire from the fan goes to the negative terminal of the battery, red wire from fan goes to load terminal of switch, additional piece of wire goes from line terminal to positive terminal of battery.
Goodhart10 years ago
You wouldn't want to short the power and ground using the switch, the switch being single pole, should only interrupt the power line (break connection when off). Never break ground and leave power hot on any machine (a double throw switch to break both is fine), if you ground it with your body, you become part of the circuit.
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