How to Become a Zombie

Want to ditch this mortal coil, but not all the way? Curious to see what your face will look like as the flesh begins to peel off of it? Then you might want to check out Rob Sacchetto's site where you can submit a photo and he'll draw an undead version of you and send you the print. The sample pics on his site look suitably gross enough to merit the $80 price tag.

Zombie Portraits
via Drawn!

Picture of How to Become a Zombie
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tech-king9 years ago
why would you want to be a zombie? and didnt make do a podcast on this?
=SMART=9 years ago
i thought u had to be bitten by another zombie to become a zombie
Thats werewolves. See I am Legend.
oh ok
Jsin009 years ago
I myself got one of these at the Festival of Fear in Toronto last year and it's amazing and worth every penny. If my scanner wasn't on the fritz I would scan and upload but alas....
Smizzy9 years ago
i understand that it takes him some time to draw these pictures but $80!!!!?!?!?!?!?! i think he should let people be able to pay him less to have a rough sketch done or a non-colored picture or somthing
dude, are you kidding? The amount of detail in these illustrations, I'd be charging a lot more than that. He must get a lot of requests for these to only ask for $80.
Some people think everything should be free. Until they are selling it.
Very true.
yerjoking9 years ago
3rd pic, its my name is earl!
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