How to change a memory content

Ihave a singing toy for my little child and I want to change the content. I want to insert another melody, some different songs that my child loves a lot. How can I do?  There are little pcbs inside and I haven`t see any pin or microcontroller.
Yhank you!

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Those toys usually use a chip that is burnt in at the factory with one setting/program and locked out for any modifications. Look for Adafruit's audio fx board. to replace the electronics.

It's a self contained unit where you can load up your own sound clips and can hook up the switches to whatever you have to activate them. Best part is that you can change the audio clips when the child gets tired of playing with them. Good luck.

baicia (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago
Thank you for your response it was usefull! I wish you to have a nice day!
Kiteman baicia1 year ago

If you go to a "build a bear" type shop, they sometimes sell small inserts upon which you can record a message, then sew it up inside the toy bear's belly.

baicia (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Thank you for the ideea! But where from can I get this small insert?

Kiteman baicia1 year ago

Search Amazon or Ebay for voice recording chip.

I had a bear that used a tiny record player for some simple sounds and voices.
Came with about 20 "records".
Never liked it but should have kept it as now these things are rare collectors items.
Makes me wonder why noone here posted an Instructable about stuffed toys with voice recorders or hidden nanny-cam....

baicia (author)  Downunder35m1 year ago

I don`t know where to search tutorials about changing the content of a pcb already flashed with sounds, with some other sounds. Or it might be a solution to have an another pcb to flash and than replace in the toy... without damaging it!