Well, firstly, I would like to start by pointing out that people cloning other Instructable Members shouldnt be done as it may affect the real, original member.

Secondly, I have seen quite alot of 'Ibles mebers being cloned. --Example: A person called Dj-Radio had cloned the real Dj Radio. Now I really don't know what this person's intentions were, but I believe that he was doing it to make the real member look bad.

Recently or previously cloned members:
-DJ Radio
-I Am Canadian
-If there is someone please tell me and I will add to the list.

On one occasion, I saw a comment that had been made by this 'Dj-Radio' person that included very bad language and it was breaking the 'Be Nice' policy. Fortunately the comment was removed by a community request but his account remained active by the looks of things.

Now I believe that any form of bad language or innappropriate behaviour on any account should lead to a temporary ban from the website or even a permanent ban if needed.

Anyway, Please keep this in mind in the future.

Thanks, Hiyadudez.

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Bigev8 years ago
Ah, the I_Am_Canadian clone. There was a forum topic on that one, if I recall. It was humorous to read as he debated "Himself".
You should link this to the instructables newcomers topic.

Also, theoretically if I clone someone or make a clone of a clone, or a clone of a clone of a clone (and in some cases more) and comment positively and make the one being cloned look good, would that be frowned upon? Would it still fall outside the "be nice" policy? (purely theoretical, if I was to, it would be myself(to prevent possible mean clones))
Hiyadudez (author)  The Ideanator8 years ago
logic boy got a clone too.....
am i cloning or is some body cloning me
Hiyadudez (author)  dutchwarlord8 years ago
No, somebody is cloning you, his name is Dutchwarlord, and the l is actually a capital i.

Capital i- I       
Lowercase l- l
legomman2008 years ago
How many people have been cloned?
Hiyadudez (author)  legomman2008 years ago
Quite a few including:

Dj Radio

some other who I cant remember.
Dsman, Kipkay, Killerk, Mykhailo, jollex, others.
Hiyadudez (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
Thanks, I am going to make a list now.
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