I'm tired of "It's my first, be nice"

Am I the only one who's tired of the people who use this little disclaimer as an excuse for a poorly written, poorly documented, non-unique, or otherwise substandard instructable? As far I'm concerned a first-time attempt is no reason for poor quality. If anything, it should mean they have taken extra care to ensure that everything is done well, in hopes of creating a good first impression and building some respect and appreciation from fellow contributors. Looking through the top rated instructables, a rather large number of them are their contributors first (and often times only) instructable, so obviously it is possible to create an excellent instructable your first time around. A person can keep a work in progress in their "unpublished" area indefinitely, so if extra documentation, proofreading, or the like are necessary, a person has all the time they need. So often it seems like the people using this excuse are rushing to get their project published, treating instructables more as a message board or even instant messaging. This is not how its meant to be. If a person has a unique idea, or frankly anything worth posting, unique or not, nobody is going to beat them to it. People need to slow down and make the best instructable they can, rather than falling back on the "it's my first, be nice" excuse. Above all, people need to take a little pride in their work.

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pappyld049 years ago
I realize this discussion is rather old so I thought I'd share this litle tidbit with everyone!

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Okay, that was pointless, and everyone knows about the research done. There is no reason to bump a thread as old as this. Thank you for the pointless bump.
Is anyone else as tired of this "recheearch" as I am?
Almost as pointless as your comment and bump? Noone forced you to read it! Not everyone has seen this research or this post so it may be a good idea to speak for yourself rather than grouping everyone into your theory!
No, but your post has nothing to do with the topic, thus it's a useless bump
I disagree on one point. I've had several people beat me to worthwhile instructables.
Cough* Light Bulb Lamp *cough
Thanks. I needed to be reminded of that. Actually, that is one of the ones I had in mind.
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