Ook, so I realize there are a few groups that have to do with gun modifications. BUT, I couldn't find a FORUM for them, so I am making one. In this forum, we are to share our coolest, most successful mods of knex weapons here. If you are to describe a mod, you MUST include at least one picture, so we can all admire your handy-work.

I'll go first. I recently (as in last night) built the mod of Jager's rifle from THIS IBLE and found the gun a bit faulty. Since it uses a lot of pieces, I was in no rush to dismantle it immediately, and rather, I tore its insides out and put my own in. The result is an enormous mod of a mod with a four-shot magazine for orange connectors with grays and a sleek look similar to the original mod.

P.S. The picture is from a bad lighting/angle... the gun looks a lot cooler in person.

Picture of Incredi-mods
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yerjoking9 years ago
Hehe, no school! =P

Anywway, here are the mods of Jammys storm 22 pistol =D!
For Jammy 1.bmpFor Jammy 2.bmpFor Jammy 3.bmpFor Jammy 4.bmp
Why can you never post good quality pictures? I mean there always at an awkward angle of something.
Those guns were old, I have much better ones, search Pickies on Tinypic, you'll see my bullpoop, it's not better, but it was a bullpup bottom loading bolt action rifle, lol. And my Halo 3 BR.
I wasn't talking about the gun.
DJ Radio8 years ago
I made some minor mods to the BRv1, not really that helpful, but still mods.
BRV1 001.JPG
I like it. You could try fitting my slide to it if you want. This pic is old, I have now filled in the stock.
Oh, that one was an older version. I remade it, made it better than this one, made a video about it, and took it apart for stuff.
Ah, I'll try and find the video.
I have the video on my revised TR8 review.
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