Detected as a Malware Distributor

Ok, seems like others are having similar issues - when I open in Google Chrome, it blocks the access and tells me it's unsafe. I know is perfectly safe, so I'd like to notify you so that your reputation does not get smudged.

Screenshot attached. Hope you can resolve this soon.

Picture of Detected as a Malware Distributor
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mikeasaurus5 years ago
This sometimes happens when we push a release for our site. It's been fixed now and the message no longer should appear.
dlbott5 years ago
Well you know they will solve it but you can bet there is a problem. It is not a problem that the site itself is doing but that someone is slipping in malware in their instructables somehow. Don't dismiss google's warnings outright. They did catch malware attempts and reported them to the site.

It is not the site's fault but sad fact in today's internet. These lowlife's always trying some mischief at the expense of others. In many cases it is an attempt by them to make money, thus, malware and not a virus. The site will get it sorted out, not knowing which instructable is spreading the malware I just would not view any instructables for a day or so until they root them out.
jakebaldwin5 years ago
Seems to me like it only happens every once and a while, and when it does, everyone sees it. I just got one (Mac, Chrome, secure home internet connection), and I got one along with dr. richtofen a while ago. Does anyone know what sets off Chrome's alerts, specifically? Maybe it's a recurring feature on the front page.
colorex (author)  jakebaldwin5 years ago
I was thinking something around software or software code uploaded by an author, maybe with educational purposes, but it may still be "malicious software".
From what I just read, the staff is aware of the issue and is in the process of fixing it now. They hope to have it corrected this afternoon and recommend using another browser for the time being.

I hope that helps.
mrmath5 years ago
I know you're aware of it, and working on it and all. Just wanted to add another tick to the counter of people who KNOW this site is safe, and had to click "proceed anyway" on the Chrome error above.
colorex (author)  mrmath5 years ago
I know that, but this is still quite difamatory for Instructables - might scare away possible new authors - which we don't want.

Get this fixed quick, Instructables is clean!
I got the warning too--glad development team on the case. Can you let us know what the problem is and if it's fixed?
I had it too some weeks ago, then not until now. Today I got the message again on my own instructables. Not on other pages.
you are the second one to report it today
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