K'nex M1 Garand - or the lack of them !

ATTENTION ALL K'NEX GUNSMITHS ... or even better, ESPECIALLY ALL WW2 enthusiasts. I have been at this for ages and just cannot make any headway. Could anyone make something like an M1 Garand (pics 1 and 2) or even the carbine (pic 3)? It could be a firing pin gun or any other mechanism but it should look like it and fire decently. I d be willing to do a collaboration or let you take all the glory yourself ... so long as you credit me slightly in some way :)

Picture of K'nex M1 Garand - or the lack of them !
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=SMART=9 years ago
you cant make a load of knex look like an M1 Garand, its impossible
Exactly. You can't duplicate what General George S. Patton called "The greatest battle implement ever devised."
ILIKEPIE3339 years ago
I found an M1 Garandherehere
dat aint an m1 garand what you found was a m2 carbine
That's no M1, that's an M2. Just look at the handle on the M2 and the lack of handle on the M1.
exactly right
It could be either, I do not know what you are talking about the handle. The M2 has fully auto but the earlier M1 does not. That could be hard to spot, though. It is probably an M1 because it is one of the first pictures you see when you Google Image Search M1 carbine.
Look at the guns, ok? Now, look at the M1. Notice how it has no "handle". It is like an old-fashioned shotgun, in which the "handle" is attached to the stock. The M2 has a pistol grip.
only the ones for paratroopers. They made it to be extra light so it wouldnt be too much of a burden. They also made it with the M1 "handle"
Thats an M2
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