Knex Transformer Contest

Ok so i had Another idea which needed its own posting I want peopel to show me there own transforming creating out of knex and whichever i think is the best and most clever will get instruction to any of my transformers of their choosing and only the winner will get the instructions and they are not to be posted these are for you only. The rules: -It can be an size as long as it is a complete transforming w/o taking it apart. -Being an actual transformer is preffered to make it easier to judge. -being creative is a must Ill probably let this go for about 1 month to make my decision so lets see what you got. Update: well obviously its been more than a month but only because not many were on board for the initial idea of this. So I will honor the deal for an awesome submission.

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nichodo8 years ago
i've jest made my transformer: thundercracker!. I don't have pics yet but I can still make the figure with paint.
nichodo nichodo8 years ago
sorry i took it apart sob!!!!
nichodo9 years ago
i love transformers im planing to make the 2007 transformers movie starscream
nichodo nichodo9 years ago
I have to go to youtube the next day,
Is it too late?
FeverSoccer9 years ago
im ok at making transformers but I mess up a lot
:D you don't know how i mess it up
dsman1952769 years ago