Laptop battery to charge cell phone or tablet

I have a couple of L11S6Y01 Lenovo Lithium Ion batteries 10.8V nominal, 48WH, 4400mAH batteries and a couple of their AC adapters lying around the house.

I was looking up the Minty boost DIY battery back up and I was thinking of making this battery back up kit to recharge my iPhone and Samsung tablets, both of which can connect to USB power sources.

My idea:

1) Get a 7 pin connector that will connect directly to my AC adapter.
For example:

Maybe I can scavenge one such connector from this place:

2) Build a circuit similar to Minty boost :

Except in this case, my source is a Li Ion rechargeable battery instead of 2 AA batteries.

Any ideas and thoughts would be appreciated.

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Baron_Kaz (author) 4 years ago
Baron_Kaz (author) 4 years ago
Baron_Kaz (author) 4 years ago
Baron_Kaz (author) 4 years ago

7805 voltage regulator takes up to 35v and drops it to 5v DC.
Baron_Kaz (author)  Baron_Kaz4 years ago