Maker Faire 2013 Slide Show!

Every year that I attend Maker Faire in San Mateo, I am more and more impressed at the caliber of talent in this community of makers. I am so grateful to be immersed in so much creativity and excellence. This year was certainly no exception.

I had the opportunity to talk with many of the exhibiting Makers and am excited to see how the Maker Movement continues to grow as technology becomes more accessible, and innovation happens faster.

Here is a small sampling of the photos I took at this year's Faire - It starts at the Instructables booth and Skee-Ball machines, and tours the rest of the faire! Enjoy!

Picture of Maker Faire 2013 Slide Show!
2013 Maker Faire_0002.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0021.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0183.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0239.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0191.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0042.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0033.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0177.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0219.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0213.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0207.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0205.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0195.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0174.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0172.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0161.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0143.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0136.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0135.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0133.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0127.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0117.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0107.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0099.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0096.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0094.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0085.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0080.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0074.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0068.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0065.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0063.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0061.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0060.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0056.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0052.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0048.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0040.jpg
2013 Maker Faire_0037.jpg
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Edgar2 years ago
Went to the Blog: http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-printing-sugru-precision-rubber-partsiPho/

M.C. Langer2 years ago
Amazing pictures Audrey! YOU ARE AWESOME!
Edgar2 years ago
Great Geek Fun-time, Batman!
But I wanted to see some Thermite Experiments....
Kiteman2 years ago
canida Kiteman2 years ago
Wish you were here!
Kiteman canida2 years ago
Same here.

Damn Mid-Atlantic Ridge! Slow down!
supereric2 years ago
Beautiful pics.