Man to donate 800-plus acres for Mo. park

I came across this article using stumbleupon, and thought some of you might find it interesting. He sounds like a really neat guy, I'd like to spend a few hours with him.

"Wearing dirty sneakers, worn corduroys and a shirt with visible holes, Robinson doesn't look like a man who owns hundreds of acres of rustic property here. But he does - and he has made arrangements to donate a piece of it as large as New York's Central Park to create a new Missouri state park."

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Picture of Man to donate 800-plus acres for Mo. park
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Tiamat9 years ago
Awww, I can't open the article :(
Goodhart9 years ago
Wow! in my area, I remember as a lad, hearing of an acre of farmland going for 2 grand.....and now it is WAY over that (over 100 times higher....).
Big Bear9 years ago
He says he doesn't want it to go to "melonheads" but he gives it to the government ?
Weissensteinburg (author)  Big Bear9 years ago
He's giving to the department of Natural Resources...they care about the environment.
Doctor What9 years ago
Someone needs to give that man a hug. A big, big, big, gigantor hug.
JellyWoo9 years ago
WOAH! that's really nice of him.
westfw9 years ago
Isn't Missouri one of those rustic rural states where individuals routinely own 100s of acres ? (ie not at all like the SF Bay area... Sigh.) "Rustic" land tends to be relatively cheap, where it exists at all...
. Cedar Hill is 50-60 miles SW of St. Louis. Still pretty rustic, but not exactly the middle of nowhere. Even at, say, $500/acre, that's a pretty good chunk of change ($400K+). Probably close to what you SFers pay for a residential lot. :)
. Here's a nearby 16 acre ranch/farm for $500K. Not a good comparison, but all I could find on short notice.
137 acres, $265000. An interesting study in contrasts to urban environments. Only 1475 sq feet of house, but has basement, 2 barns, 650 sq foot metal shop... Sigh.
Kiteman westfw9 years ago
In London, in the credit crunch, that kind of money gets you a one-bedroom flat, with a view of a garden.
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