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I was just curious what tools or techniques folks found most useful in their projects. For me it is the Dremel and epoxy.

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Grathio8 years ago
First aid kit and a vacuum cleaner. Every project I do needs band aids and a vacuum cleaner. I'm not sure if that's because I do a bunch of different kinds of stuff or I just need to be more careful.
RadBear (author)  Grathio8 years ago
Well I've never seen you work but typically blood loss does indicate a little more attention is needed...or that you're very committed to your project. I guess it's matter of perspective. :)
Grathio RadBear8 years ago
The problem is that after you loose enough blood it's really hard to pay attention to much of anything. :)

I remember watching Roy Underhill on the early episodes of The Woodwright's Shop and thinking "Gah! That guy cuts himself every episode, but keeps on going!"

Now that I'm a little older I'm pretty much the same way.
RadBear (author)  Grathio8 years ago
Well as long as you aren't cutting things off you'll probably be ok. Plus the blood might be handy for staining a wood product. And you could say you put a part of yourself in every project, and it would be true rather than an empty sounding platitude.
Jayefuu8 years ago
My gerber pen knife, scalpel and soldering iron.
RadBear (author)  Jayefuu8 years ago
Scalpel? Soldering Iron? Are doing surgery or body modification? :)
My hands.
Ouch, corns on your toes are bad enough, on your hands....that has to hurt... :-)
jeff-o8 years ago
Soldering Iron Scroll Saw Drill Press
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