Okay, so I have A HUGE LOAD of......

Okay, so I have A HUGE LOAD of match sticks (cardboard) with all of the powder on the heads taken off. I don't wan't to throw them away, any ideas on what I could do with them? I have a whole cigar box full of them.

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LoneWolf8 years ago
use them for fires. Most match sticks are easily flammable and burn slowly and hot for a long time.... I have a buch of match sticks with the heads taken off to.
CameronSS10 years ago
Glue+matchsticks=Eiffel Tower
Glue+matchsticks=Empire State Building
There are commercially available kits that include wood glue, instructions, and a plastic bag full of roughly 5,000(no, I didn't make that number up) wooden matchsticks. You glue them together to make a structure. Not sure how well it would/wood work with cardboard, though. Why do you have a cigar box full of headless matches?
I just realized: Glue+matchsticks=Eiffel Tower, and Glue+matchsticks=Empire State Building, so logically, the Empire State Building and the Eiffel Tower are the same thing.
photozz CameronSS10 years ago
Why do you have a cigar box full of headless matches?
Just guessing, but I think it has to do with this:
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  photozz10 years ago
Yup, and a little bit more than that too. I have made things I have not posted. Anyway, do you know a type of glue that might work well on this kind cardboard? The best one I got is superglue but it is a pain to get it stuck on your fingers.Super glue is also way to liquidy. The cardboard also dosen't stick well because it abosrbs the glue.
My old standby is always GOOP.

It seems to stick to everything. It's available at most hardware stores, Walgreens, etc.. I usually stick with the general household variety. It's as strong as most two part adhesives, but without the hassle.
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  photozz10 years ago
Thanks, seems like I could build fairly large building models with all of this....
another idea, you could throw some in a blender with a little white glue and water and some other stuff, grind it up and make paper. Look up paper making instructions...
IlluminatedAntichrist (author)  CameronSS10 years ago
I tried that already, it was really hard to get them to stick thogether with glue.
if you watch a paper match burn, you may notice that there is a small amount of wax in the paper. it lengthens the time that it takes the flame to reach your fingers : ) how about charcoaling them, for pyro carbon?
OK, never mind, just an idea. Packing material?
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