"Oorja" Stove taking off in India

This is a stove being pushed by BP in rural India. It looks like an innovative product not just engineering-wise, but also in terms of marketing and distribution

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hazik5 years ago
how can i contact you of distribution delightcharger@gmail.com
kurikayar8 years ago
I need this product distribution. please let me know the address of manufacturing company of oorja stove Ramesh.K
Hi this is rajesh im also looking for distribution if know the address of manufacturing please let me know and advice in this
See my reply to salim_s3
nagutron (author)  kurikayar8 years ago
I'm sorry, I don't know anything more than what's in this post. Please use Google or another search engine to find out more.
I need distribution . Please let me know the address of manufacturing company of oorja stove. Rajesh mail id: jasty_rajesh@yahoo.co.in please reply this mail ID
salim_s38 years ago
i need this product distribution. so please let me know the address of your company of oorja stove my email id salim_s3@yahoo.co.in
anil_tambe8 years ago
I have heard a lot about the Oorja Stove. I wish to buy it but am ignorant about its outlets in Pune, Maharashtra, India. I await the reply giving the information. -Anil Tambe
=SMART=9 years ago
I saw this on the BBC
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