Secret stashes

Really enjoying this video by YiTing Cheng that shows lots of clever hiding spaces. The use of plywood is especially awesome.

via Core77

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Brennn106 years ago
Did this remind anyone else of the Jason Bourne films?
Ya, Burn Notice too?
Yeh, The passports, money, and most of all the music.....
A bit :-)
nolte9196 years ago
There sooooooooooo needs to be a Secret Stash Instructables Contest.
I am reminded of the anime Death Note (kickass show). in the first few episodes, Light kept the notebook in a secret compartment in the drawer of his desk. i wanna make the exact same thing, but without the gasoline of course XD, maybe with a siren instead [Death Note Episode 2 10:10- 11:15]
technom6 years ago
Wow. That's sneaky.
Won't her cash catch fire, unless those are leds?
Am-Nuel6 years ago
Brilliant. i want to make my own secret stash :)
Doctor What6 years ago
Nice laptop storage. Definitely an idea worth exploring, especially with sensitive materials, such as laptops, money, passports, or anything like it with important data.
Don't forget the ''books'' and ''soda'' previously mentioned...
JEEPBOY526 years ago
Super awesome spy stuff is the coolest!
That table is awesome!

I wonder how he made it without the seems (is that how you write it?) showing....
fungus amungus (author)  MichelMoermans6 years ago
I don't know how she made it without the seams showing, but I'd probably use a 1/2" piece between 2 1/8" pieces. It's a great effect.
i think she actually USED seams to hide the seams....if you look closely at the edge of the table, it LOOKS like it's actually several sheets of 1/8" to 1/4" plywood laminated together to make a "solid top"....then she either routed out a cavity in the central "stack" of sheets (that make up the drawer) or didn't make that "stack" solid to begin with (use a sheet as a bottom, then build up the front edge from small strips of 1/8" ply.
for exaplemations. in retrospect, it looks like all of the furniture is made like this (if you look at the back of the table with the opening back it looks similar just with beveled edges on the inside portion)... you could probably do this a little cheaper using MDF since the plywood needed to not have "plywood edges" can get pretty expensive (it's actually layered solid veneers instead of wood chips in between the layers)
You are brilliant!!!!! Are you related to MacGyver?
Goodhart6 years ago
Very nice :-) Kind of reminds me of the secret compartment in the wall of my room at home, that my Dad never discovered :-)
0.0 What was in that compartment????
I kept some books (the Poor Man's James Bond; and a few others, and a few, um, cans of, uh soda :-)
I know the feeling. Whenever I get stressed, there is nothing like flipping open my secret compartment, which contains "books", which I "read", and open a few cans of "soda". It's quite relaxing. In all actuality, mine just has a Playgirl and a bottle of skittles vodka. *blunt*
xACIDITYx6 years ago
Somebody really ought to make an Instructable on the magnetic-handle table drawer.
working on it now :D
The stash glasses were beautiful. I also really liked the pile of documents stash - very tidy!
wenpherd6 years ago
Know of any tutorials for that stuff?
bowmaster6 years ago
Dang, this is awesome. I really like the table with the hidden drawer.
JamesTB136 years ago
Nice vid, but.......where is the insructable aspect to this?
PKM JamesTB136 years ago
Forum posts don't have to be Instructables- in this case it's just sharing a video that the site's readers, as "people who like to make things" might appreciate.
there needs to be though...
Goodhart6 years ago
My fav is the drawer (pulled out by a strong magnet?) in the thin desk......
crapflinger6 years ago
i like the pull tab on the map
it IS a pultab on the map
i am aware that it's a pull tab, that's why i said that i like the pull tab.
Wo, sorry, i'd of like to of known I made that misread, crazeh
brunoip6 years ago
Amazing. One of the best videos I've ever seen.
Biggsy6 years ago
That's brilliant!... Welldone!
sgsidekick6 years ago
This was pretty cool!! I liked it.
Wasagi6 years ago
Nice! I liked the coffee cup, and the plywood was amazing.
wow.... thatsthecollestthingi'veeverseen!