Secret stashes

Really enjoying this video by YiTing Cheng that shows lots of clever hiding spaces. The use of plywood is especially awesome.

via Core77

Picture of Secret stashes
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Brennn107 years ago
Did this remind anyone else of the Jason Bourne films?
Ya, Burn Notice too?
Yeh, The passports, money, and most of all the music.....
A bit :-)
nolte9197 years ago
There sooooooooooo needs to be a Secret Stash Instructables Contest.
I am reminded of the anime Death Note (kickass show). in the first few episodes, Light kept the notebook in a secret compartment in the drawer of his desk. i wanna make the exact same thing, but without the gasoline of course XD, maybe with a siren instead [Death Note Episode 2 10:10- 11:15]
technom7 years ago
Wow. That's sneaky.
Won't her cash catch fire, unless those are leds?
Am-Nuel7 years ago
Brilliant. i want to make my own secret stash :)
Doctor What7 years ago
Nice laptop storage. Definitely an idea worth exploring, especially with sensitive materials, such as laptops, money, passports, or anything like it with important data.
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