The Best of Instructables at Austin Maker Faire

In rough chronological order, here's the best of Austin Maker Faire from Instructables perspective:

Hanging out with Bilal for the whole weekend.
Seeing Alexis and Nublabs
Checking out a bag made from old jeans complete with Instructables patch.
Watching big stacks of The Best of Instructables and people buying them.
Meeting Sfeine (and a bunch of other members, I didn't take photos of!).
Hearing ArcAttack play the Imperial Match, Super Mario Bros., and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Giant Tesla Coils.
Writing ridiculous notes all over our booth.
Making the squeamish literally jump with fright when they noticed Mouse Mouse.
Massaging and being massaged by Bilal to play a fighting game with the Massage Me Jacket.
Convincing RocketScientist2015 to work the booth, so I could have a break.

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=SMART=9 years ago
When will the best of instructables prize copies ship? i won one and i cant wait to get it !
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
The book was shipped out on Monday the 20th of October. You'll probably get yours middle, or end of this upcoming week. ;-)
=SMART= bumpus9 years ago
Awesome, thanks mate :P ill post pics when it comes :D
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
I dare say, I'll get mine before you. :P
=SMART= bumpus9 years ago
i bet you will :D tell me how sweet it is when you get it !
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
I will do, in the meantime, go to bed. :P
=SMART= bumpus9 years ago
i dont know why but ive kinda gotten used to being awake at 3am..
bumpus =SMART=9 years ago
=SMART= bumpus9 years ago
gmjhowe9 years ago
haha! glad to see rocket made it there! shame im so far away really, you guys look like your having too much fun!
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