The Evil Instructables!!!

"Inscrutable" means "impossible to understand". We wage a daily battle against the opposite of instructables, the ugly, evil twin, "INSCRUTABLES"! Inscrutables just demands to have all the knowledge and not explain it to anyone. Inscrutables, the world's biggest show-don't-tell, or a sink of information, which takes all information and obscures it forever!!! D-I-Nothing!!! Faker culture!!

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Plasmana8 years ago
I never heard about Inscrutables before...
DJ Radio8 years ago
caitinsdad is correct- site is up for sale, and firefox had to block 2 popup ads as soon as the site loaded
caitlinsdad8 years ago
Domain name is up for sale for $250 by a cybersquatter. Site is evil with pop-ups.
Ahhh...life is comfy when you don't have popups...Chrome blocks popups...
Instructables gives be popups too... What is happening....too.......much...........advertising.................... : (
It does? They aren't supposed to...
Oh yeah, twice this week, without any other web pages open.
IT's probably not a problem with 'ibles but he probably has spyware of some sort.
gmoon xACIDITYx8 years ago
They sneak in now and then. I saw a new one just yesterday, but couldn't scrn-cap it in time...
I've never had one, but I've had some dodgy ads.
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