Throwie/Blinky using LED for Solarpower or using Radiowaves

I was wondering if its possible to make a "battery-less" throwie or blinky.
I know there have been some solar throwies arround, but when looking through a message-board I found two circuits that use radiowaves or photovoltaik properties of a LED.
The only difference is that the "bettery-less" throwie would have to collect power untill its dark, and then feed from it.
Since I am not really into all the electronics yet, I do now know how well capacitors will keep their load, and if a aditional day/night switch detector will consume much power.

The LED-drives-itself circuit:
LED drives itself from
(I've read in the forums that preparing the LED with sandpaper so its diffus will make it less angle dependant to charge?)

The Radiowave-Blinker circuit:
Radiowave blinker

from the german electroniwerkstatt-Forum (Click and look at end of toppic)

A simple day-charge / night-operate circuit (such as a garden solar night light)
[http://solar night LED CLICK]

Has anyone build something like that?

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killbox9 years ago
Anyone have a cache of the Radio Wave blinker? the link is dead and its not on
schorhr (author)  killbox9 years ago
Its only viewable when logged on to their messageboard, sorry. Here it is:
schorhr (author)  schorhr9 years ago
Oops, here:
What does it do?
I'm kinda looking for a way to make one of those battery less cell phone sticker flasher
you mean like a solar powered flashlight?????
just read it
schorhr (author) 10 years ago
Thanks, though I knew that much about capacitors ;-) Im aware that a capacitor will not light a super bright LED a whole night. Im thinking more of a low current led and a low rate blinking so save power.
Brennn1010 years ago
Well here is the forum topic for capacitor help.

Capacitor Help