Tidy Cat Boxes/Container-What should I do

I was hoping to get some of the awesome minds working on a project of mine. I keep reusing my Tidy Cat buckets. I want to find a better, maybe modular furniture way of using them. Currently they are just storage, unfortunately, I haven't gotten really good at labeling so I just wind up opening one box after another. I've tossed around wine rack, some sort of yarn or craft holder, etc. I would like to paint them, which would be neat. The label is painted on and is not tape, so if I do use plastic paint, the words may still show thru. I haven't been able to buy the litter in a bag because I am not able to get the large bag of litter to work correctly with the automated litter box because it doesn't clump well. If you could look at the image and make some suggestions, it would be great.

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JimmyK171 year ago

I have made two panniers to mount to my bike rack. I lined one with foam for food and drink insulation, and the other side will hold my other necessities, including blanket, change of clothes, towel, etc. They are waterproof, so they are perfect weather resistant panniers! And a conversation starter. Also, they are easy to unhook and take to my picnic table or tent.

tidy cats.jpgtidy cats 2.JPG

I like this idea!
Something for those moments when a trailer is too big or bulky to get around.
Would have loved when I was still close enough to take my bike to go fishing :(

cjbeckhall2 years ago

you can use the contact paper in pretty colors and designs <<<!

funcky5 years ago
Check out my first post...


I'll hopefully be adding a few more projects I've made with these containers soon.

I made a great worm compost bucket you can keep in the house and it doesn't stink out of these... Gravity feed watering system for some plants... the uses are endless!
jgodsey6 years ago
i am about to add an instructable that recommends removing the printed stuff from the Container using MEK. Methyl Ethel Keytone. It works great!
geekcore7 years ago
We use one right outside our kitchen door to put food scraps in before we take them to our big compost bucket. I love these containers and I'm definitely going to try the "redneck" topsy turvy!
sunshiine7 years ago
Wow! alot of great ideas here!  I will try some of them! Thanks!
notoften8 years ago
I have found an easy way to remove the inked labels off of the litter buckets with not too much elbow grease. Use Goof-Off cleaner (in a well ventilated area) with a scrub pad & presto! It removes the ink & smears it, so you will need to follow up with a clean rag & I suggest using disposable gloves to keep from turning your hands & fingernails the color of the label. BTW. I have converted the litter bucket into my own "red-neck" Topsy Turvy to grow tomatoes upside down. I drilled a 2 1/2" hole (centered) in the bottom, cut a piece of 1/2" foam/sponge in a 5" square, cut a slit from center to one side, inserted the tomato root ball through the hole & slid the foam around the root ball inside the bucket, (covering the hole so no dirt would fall out, filled with rich soil & hung it off my porch!
silkensoytofu (author)  notoften8 years ago
I have been blowing through these with my household renovations but I like the less elbow grease approach to removing the labels. I would eventually like to incorporate the buckets in my craft (future nursery) room.
sarahdan8 years ago
I have several cats and I have a lot of those buckets also. We put our dry cat food in the container, that way we just scoop it out and not have to lift the bag, but the best thing the cats don’t get in to the bag. I have used them for other things and gave them to friends. But I think I going to take of the big part of the lid of and stack them the way the guy did with the water jugs did. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw it, I don’t have water jugs but I do have litter containers
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