Vision Controlled Interface Controller

Is it possible to make a 360 controller and create a vision controlled (right) c-stick that I can use to aim at something simply by looking at it on the screen? Is this similar to what paralytics use to communicate? Is there any way that I could use that technolgy to OWN my cousin at Halo?

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MattGyver92 (author) 8 years ago
Yes I've Googled it-I didn't see anything. I'm still reasearching though and wikipedia had a link on it, but no page (thank you wikipedia). Anyway I'll spit out anything else I learn on it.
You didn't find this then?

There are a few similar projects.
MattGyver92 (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
What I figured I'd have to do is get a weak laser pointer and shine in it the player's eye and the reflected beam would shine at whatever the player looks at. Then I'd have to use a webcam or some other method and relay the laser dot location to a computer. I also thought I'd need some sort of software (I DO need software) that would turn the X/Y inputs into xbox controller X/Y out puts... So basically, Whatever it is that the player looks at (on the screen) is centered in the middle of the screen on both x and y axes. This means that you look at something and it automatically is centered-under the HUD reticle. But I think it would be dangerous to shine a laser (even a weak one) into someone's eye... But the other method seems to work fairly well in the vids on the link you posted.
Eyes are more or less spherical, shining a laser pointer on someones eye and measuring the reflection wouldn't result in a lot (if any) change in the position of the reflected beam.
MattGyver92 (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Oh. I got the idea from a jet bomber with an onboard vulcan minigun. The pilot uses this system to aim the gun. The pilot would fint a target (or a walmart), look at it, and the gun has a detector on it-and so the gun would look at the target as well. But I found that hard to believe...
That may be the way the machine gun on the apache longbow works. Try and research it, maybe find a patent for it.
MattGyver92 (author)  whatsisface8 years ago
Wow. THAT'S impressive! Good find! I did some more looking, and I saw some pdf's that describe the same thing using diagrams and pictures that made it seem harder than extending the connections on a camera and downloading software. I assume that after the software is downloaded, you need a camera of some sort. The external camera looks at the eye and configures it's orientation. This is probably what controls the mouse. But what was that camera that the guy dissasembled just a webcam? It looked like it had speakers on it...
whatsisface8 years ago
Why not research it? Most of your topics seem to be a multitude of questions without a great deal of initiative shown. Have you at least googled it?