can any planes that are made out of knex actually fly?

can cay of these planes actually fly, or get airbound?

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David974 years ago
I doont know if you are still asking but I am woorking on one now. Its looking hopefull but will take ages to build ill let you know.
Doc Penguin4 years ago
Your gonna have to ask daredevil499
im working on aircrafts
any questions??

sprout_less6 years ago
 No i dont think its possible
Acepilot426 years ago
you could but the ammount of work you would have to do to get it airborne would not be worth it in the end. If you want a plane just buy a rc one
Axalto6 years ago
"Of cource it's possible, yust combine 20 meter long wings and a jet-engine."

It's possible to make one, but if it needs to stay in the air for a long time, you will need to add some cind of engine. (I somtimes use a knex solar-cell for moving parts)
Begin with small hang gliders, to get used to making wings. If you want to make bigger aircrafts, you can better first practice flying in Flight Simulator to get used to all the aspects of aircrafts.

Oh, and don't forget you will need to land too. Landing gear will be verry usefull.
frag master6 years ago
lightest motor i know of is the wind up ones.
NYPA7 years ago
maybe a 2 way connector connected to a red connector with flexi rods would generate lift and if a knex motor was light enough and the propellers were identical to the wings but smaller MAYBE you could get a plane.
knektek (author) 7 years ago
will you need to kick-start it?
osi7 years ago
it is theoretically possible, barring the correct conditions. first and foremost, you must have a much more powerful engine than knex makes. Also, the wingspan would have to be large or the weight of the craft must be low. ( with the properties of knex, neither is possible.) The only way i can think of for this to work is to use a hang glider design with a carbon alloy v 12 engine :-)
frag master7 years ago
with elavators
frag master7 years ago
build a flying wing, cover in chinese paper (tissue paper) or plastic wrap.
frag master7 years ago
I agree with the burrito master.
DJ Radio7 years ago
ajleece7 years ago
Katarukito7 years ago
I made one in the fourth grade.
Design? Photos in flight? In particular, how did you make the airfoil?
I built it years ago so i do not have photos or remember how i made it , but i remember it was made out of knex
kelseymh7 years ago
The problem (obviously :-) is the lift/weight ratio. If you can use K'nex parts to create an airfoil frame (and then cover it as the_burrito_master suggested), then the question is whether you can make the wing large enough to provide lift without the weight increasing as fast or faster.
you could make a simple frame ,cover it with plastic wrap ,and use a hair blow dryer to tighten it up.
Kairah7 years ago
I don't really think you can make a flying plane with knex only... Maybe its possible if you make the frame out of knex and use the other parts from RC Planes.