chip with four legs

I have a four legged chip and i dont know what it is. it is marked with a few different markings which are A83401 and 21508. on the opposite side its marking is 0549. the middle two legs are grounded with power in another and output from the fourth. it is in a joystick for a machine. can any one help?

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pfred26 years ago
This looks like it

It is a precision programmable linear hall effect sensor.

/me has mad skillz looking up mystery electronics
wexd (author)  pfred26 years ago
You are spot on it is a linear hall effect sensor.I found it last week after alot of searching and eventually stumbled on it on the web.
Thanks for that pfred2.
pfred2 wexd6 years ago
I attribute all of my success to random chance. OK I've looked a few parts up before. BTW it took me maybe about 2 minutes to find it. Was a tricky one I'll admit. Trick was to recognize the right number to look up right off. The only number I used was the 21508 one. The rest were board numbers or date codes I'd imagine.

Why'd I pick that one number an astute reader might ask? Because of where it was printed on the device. That is where component numbers belong.

Anyhow you're welcome. Looking up mystery parts is a bit of a hobby of mine. I still have about 4 feet of books measured crosswise for doing it from back before the Internet existed. Sometimes I still use them too because not every part is on the net, especially parts that have come and gone before the net even existed.

So yeah I've been looking up parts for that long, a bit longer in fact.
wexd (author) 6 years ago
Kiteman6 years ago