cooker hood condenser

ok i have moved into a new studio which does not have an external vent fitted to the cooker hood and relies on a re-circulation kit comprising of a small tower and a disposable carbon filter (which can cost quite a bit to keep replacing). So what i was thinking was how about ducting it to a homemade condenser, something simple like a plastic container with a cut off of hood filter attached to an area near the top of the container and the vent ducted in through the top of the container it could be primed with an inch or so of water to get the process going..... i recon my concept is pretty basic but am i heading in the right direction?

Kiteman4 years ago
You can get tumble dryers that condense the water into an internal container or external drain, instead of venting to the outside.

Maybe you could repurpose an old tumble dryer to condense your fumes?
Tallanted (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
Yea i have used one of the condenser dryers in the past and i guess i could look up the design of them to draw from there but to actually use one would be different i doubt i would find one that is not in use and it would also be a little large for this project...Thanks.
You wouldn't have to use the full machine...