do these pictures look professional, i took them i just wanted to know.

i really want to be a photo grapher one day but i dont know if i can.

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IllegalFun7 years ago
Help me I think I am going blind!!
I can only see White, is this the end of the world coming???
quick, to the Kiteman mobile!!
pcunite7 years ago
I can't see anything?
Doctor What7 years ago
 Well, the one of the blank white space is fairly appealing.

let me retype that:

i think your COMMENTS  are FUNNY.



Even though you've decided that it's best that we separate....

......I still love you.
go away!
As long as you are being frank about it.
 I hate when you break up with a person and they are a weenie about it.
No need to dog him on it.
It's a real Bunner.
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