how to keep 3 volt instead of going up to 6 volt

hi, i have a honda camino , i want to make a rear light. first how do i get the 3.0 volt staying on 3 volt ac and what do i have to do if i use four bright white led in parallel,i have to have 5 watt in total.

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LasVegas9 years ago
Could you be more specific as to what you intend to do? I'm sure we could give you more specific information. I'm assuming you want to replace your backup lamps with LEDs? What you want/need to do is adjust the current to the LEDs appropriately to drive them with the available 6v (DC). This would require the use of one or more resistors depending on how many LEDs you're using and how they're connected. You do not need nor want to use the full 5 watts available. Using less power is the whole idea of replacing the old incandescent lamps with LEDs.
Is there an Instructable somewhere, or a website that shows how to properly connect resistors? You (and others) often state that an LED is incorrectly wired, but I haven't seen an explanation of how to properly wire one.
Here is a link describing how to calculate the series resistor.


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lemonie9 years ago
The thing should have a 6V battery(?). Could you add a 3V rechargable pack, and run a charge circuit off the bike's electrics? Some kind of regulator would probably be in order... I know the unregulated supply from a Honda Caren will give up to 20V and blow 12V halogen spots... we've never really fixed that feature. L
alex4421 (author)  lemonie9 years ago
no th ehonda camino doesnt has a battery some have , but not many
alex4421 (author) 9 years ago
i m going to bet for my scooter that it doesnt has a battery and works on 6 volt its a honda camino
alex4421 (author) 9 years ago
its a scooter that's above 20 years old it doesn't has a battery, now i found another way to make it , but now i have otherproblem.

the light's are in serie i putted a diode in the circuitwhen i brake it gets the full 6 vomlt ,but also does my front light
The lights will definitely not be wired in series. I think you understanding of serial is a bit muddled.

As for "the full 6 vomlt " I think you should see a doctor ;-)


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alex4421 (author) 9 years ago
and if my scooter is standing still all light are getting 3 volt ac and on 50 km/h the lights get about 6 volt
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