my Sr-v2

A lot of you know my Sr-v1 it used only 89 yellow connectors well here is my Sr-v2 it has a different body from killerk's and a modded mech but it is is the same mech. unlike my other this uses 212 yellow connectors(not the most part friendly) and is so much more powerful I will post if any one wants but i need to ask killerk first. info it is one inch short of 5 feet uses 3 # 64 rbs Range: 200 feet(with bad fins) ammo: killerk's Sr-v2 bolt and now a bunch of random pic of it sorry about the bad pic

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pls8 years ago
can you post a bigger pic?i want to see them good=]
ninjusk (author)  pls8 years ago
cool is there any reason you had for showing these of was it just for showing of( not in a "ha ha mine is better" type way) you get what i mean
ninjusk (author) 8 years ago
ya idk why they are so bad
Lowney8 years ago
Cool that is good but if you want to post you need better pics mate!